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Freddie Prinze's Quotes

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Born: 1954-06-22
Profession: Comedian
Nation: American
Biography of Freddie Prinze

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But the only comparison that I want to Lenny Bruce is that I'm funny. I'm Freddie Prinze, Puerto Rican all the way.

Tags: Comparison, Funny, Puerto

I must end it. There is no hope. I will be at peace. No one had anything to do with it. My decision totally.

Tags: End, Hope, Peace

In fourth grade I had a high school reading level, but I didn't want to go to school and I didn't feel I belonged there.

Tags: High, Reading, School

When I was little I was always getting hit. Kids would take my hat and throw it around, and it upset me. So I got to be very revengeful.

Tags: Getting, Hit, Kids

I couldn't fight, and I wasn't particularly interested in the academic. So I started doing satiric bits in the school bathroom. Guys would cut class to come and see me.

Tags: Fight, School, Started

I was in seventh grade at St. Matthew's. The teachers would tell me, 'God loves you,' and then whack a ruler across my hand. 'Well,' I'd say, 'if God loves me, can you call God? Can you ask Him if it's all right that I didn't do my homework? If it's not, then let Him hit me.'

Tags: God, Him, Tell

I was mugged when I was 12. I had a portable radio, and I ran into this building and these two guys came in and hit me, busted me up and took the radio. After that I was very paranoid and I started taking kung fu and karate. But I didn't want to fight.

Tags: After, Fight, Started
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