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Harmony Quotes

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Happiness is mental harmony; unhappiness is mental inharmony.

Tags: Happiness, Mental  ✍ Author: Muhammad Ali

How can we live in harmony? First we need to know we are all madly in love with the same God.

Tags: God, Love  ✍ Author: Maya Angelou

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Tags: Happiness  ✍ Author: Mahatma Gandhi

Gracefulness has been defined to be the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul.

Tags: Expression, Soul  ✍ Author: William Hazlitt

Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony.

Tags: Brings, Opposition  ✍ Author: Katharine Hepburn

Only by learning to live in harmony with your contradictions can you keep it all afloat.

Tags: Keep, Learning  ✍ Author: Audre Lorde

The hidden harmony is better than the obvious.

Tags: Hidden, Obvious  ✍ Author: Pablo Picasso

Truth is inner harmony.

Tags: Inner, Truth  ✍ Author: Walther Rathenau

Stravinsky is masterly: his harmony is conceived so precisely that it can only be the way it is.

Tags: Conceived, Precisely  ✍ Author: Esa-Pekka Salonen

Harmony is pure love, for love is complete agreement.

Tags: Love, Pure  ✍ Author: Lope de Vega

Harmony is pure love, for love is a concerto.

Tags: Love, Pure  ✍ Author: Lope de Vega

So what is discord at one level of your being is harmony at another level.

Tags: Another, Level  ✍ Author: Alan Watts

Beauty is being in harmony with what you are.

Tags: Beauty  ✍ Author: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

We are searching for some kind of harmony between two intangibles: a form which we have not yet designed and a context which we cannot properly describe.

Tags: Between, Cannot  ✍ Author: Christopher Alexander

Israeli interests are not necessarily in harmony with the American interests.

Tags: American, Interests  ✍ Author: Bashar al-Assad

It is not easy to age in harmony with one's roles.

Tags: Age, Easy  ✍ Author: Emmanuelle Beart

I even have a Harmony Rocket and a Stratocaster with a scalloped neck back in Florida.

Tags: Florida, Neck  ✍ Author: Daisy Berkowitz

My harmony is passable but is usually made more eloquent at the hands of Steve Hamilton.

Tags: Eloquent, Hands  ✍ Author: Bill Bruford

I studied harmony and composition in a very spontaneous manner.

Tags: Manner, Studied  ✍ Author: Alejo Carpentier

Art is a harmony parallel with nature.

Tags: Art, Nature  ✍ Author: Paul Cezanne

Simultaneity in light is harmony, the rhythm of colors which creates the Vision of Man.

Tags: Light, Vision  ✍ Author: Robert Delaunay

This synchronous action then will be the Subject, which is the representative harmony.

Tags: Action, Subject  ✍ Author: Robert Delaunay

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Comparison is a death knell to sibling harmony.

Tags: Comparison, Death  ✍ Author: Danielle Fishel

But I think beautiful is simple and elegant, like a ballad with simple harmony.

Tags: Beautiful, Simple  ✍ Author: John Fogerty

Peace, unity and harmony!

Tags: Peace, Unity  ✍ Author: Cathy Freeman

To achieve harmony in bad taste is the height of elegance.

Tags: Achieve, Bad  ✍ Author: Jean Genet

My two sisters and I sang all the time. Whenever we cleaned the kitchen, we sang in three-part harmony.

Tags: Sisters, Time  ✍ Author: Kina Grannis

I have my mantra about silhouette, proportion, and fit. I believe that when they are in harmony and balance, you'll look great in anything.

Tags: Balance, Great  ✍ Author: Tim Gunn

There's no harmony in most people in a way, and I'm attracted to it, and I think it makes for good storytelling.

Tags: Good, Makes  ✍ Author: Greg Kinnear

Virtue is harmony.

Tags: Virtue  ✍ Author: Thomas Pynchon

I saw science as being in harmony with humanity.

Tags: Humanity, Science  ✍ Author: Joseph Rotblat

Harmony is when the sum is greater than the parts. A happy exaggeration.

Tags: Greater, Happy  ✍ Author: Jane Siberry

How much can you do with two voices? You can sing thirds or you can sing fifths or you can do a background harmony.

Tags: Background, Sing  ✍ Author: Paul Simon

The element of harmony is super important.

Tags: Element, Super  ✍ Author: Pharrell Williams

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