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I went to India, lived, and studied.

Tags: India, Lived  ✍ Author: Rick James

Well, American dialects have been studied for a hundred years or so.

Tags: American, Hundred  ✍ Author: William Labov

I have studied at the school of the world.

Tags: School  ✍ Author: Youssou N\'Dour

I studied at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano; I was a theatre actor.

Tags: Actor, Theatre  ✍ Author: Franco Nero

I never studied with Balanchine, but his work was very important to me.

Tags: Work  ✍ Author: Twyla Tharp

I studied and performed and even taught mime years ago.

Tags: Mime, Taught  ✍ Author: Tom Bergeron

I had studied violin from age 7 to 14.

Tags: Age, Violin  ✍ Author: Amar Bose

I want to be a professional.

Tags: Actor, James  ✍ Author: Chris Burke

I studied harmony and composition in a very spontaneous manner.

Tags: Harmony, Manner  ✍ Author: Alejo Carpentier

I haven't actually studied acting at all.

Tags: Acting, Actually  ✍ Author: Kat Dennings

Improv is mostly what I've studied.

Tags: Improv, Mostly  ✍ Author: Ellie Kemper

I studied secondary education.

Tags: Education, Secondary  ✍ Author: Jim McKay

I've never studied psychology.

Tags: Psychology  ✍ Author: Hayao Miyazaki

Love-making is an art which must be studied.

Tags: Art  ✍ Author: Ivor Novello

You see, I've never really studied acting.

Tags: Acting  ✍ Author: Diana Ross

I never studied, but I had the best teachers.

Tags: Best, Teachers  ✍ Author: Mstislav Rostropovich

I've studied voice from a few different people for years.

Tags: Few, Voice  ✍ Author: Kip Winger
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