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Jazz Musician Quotes

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It is rare that even a jazz musician finds an individual voice.

Tags: Individual, Jazz, Voice  ✍ Author: Colin Baker

Some people think I'm a rock 'n' roll musician and some think I'm a jazz musician but, for me, there is no difference.

Tags: Difference, Jazz, Rock  ✍ Author: Georgie Fame

I want them to come away with discovering the music inside them. And not thinking about themselves as jazz musicians, but thinking about themselves as good human beings, striving to be a great person and maybe they'll become a great musician.

Tags: Good, Great, Music  ✍ Author: Charlie Haden

Hamp would ask me about tempos in the band: 'Jacquet,' he'd say, 'knock off that tempo.' A lot of jazz musicians didn't prefer to play for dancers, which was their loss, really. But good jazz has always had that dance feel.

Tags: Dance, Good, Off  ✍ Author: Illinois Jacquet

Actually John, Paul Rutherford, and Trevor Watts, and several other rather well known English jazz musicians had got their training by joining the Air Force, which was a pretty standard way for people to get some kind of musical education in those days.

Tags: Education, Pretty, Training  ✍ Author: Evan Parker

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Jazz Musician quote #2
Jazz Musician quote #2
Jazz Musician quote #2
Jazz Musician quote #2

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