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Kitchen Quotes

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I may look like a laid-back Hawaiian, but I'm 240 pounds, and when I'm walking around that kitchen, you don't want to get in my way.

Tags: May, Walking  ✍ Author: Bob Ainsworth

I have a greater appreciation for kitchen appliances, having played one.

Tags: Greater, Played  ✍ Author: Anthony Daniels

Any good kitchen should be stocked up in oysters, shouldn't they?

Tags: Good  ✍ Author: Michael Fassbender

I really feel like knife skills - not just in the kitchen, but in life - are really critical.

Tags: Life, Skills  ✍ Author: Timothy Ferriss

Sometimes I miss hamburgers, I should say that. I miss the tuna pizzas at Mercer Kitchen.

Tags: Miss, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Marc Jacobs

My favorite kitchen was the Japanese and the Italian kitchen.

Tags: Favorite, Japanese  ✍ Author: Karl Lagerfeld

The kitchen oven is reliable, but it's made us lazy.

Tags: Lazy, Reliable  ✍ Author: Jamie Oliver

I'm in the kitchen and I'm not walking out.

Tags: Walking  ✍ Author: Charles Rangel

I know every movement of my kitchen.

Tags: Movement  ✍ Author: Rene Redzepi

Know you food, know your farmers, and know your kitchen.

Tags: Farmers, Food  ✍ Author: Abdus Salam

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Tags: Heat, Stand  ✍ Author: Harry S. Truman

I'm a homebody, I'd rather be in the kitchen cooking than hanging out in a bar.

Tags: Cooking, Rather  ✍ Author: Milo Ventimiglia

I like to have friends in the kitchen and make a big mess and use every pot in the kitchen.

Tags: Big, Friends  ✍ Author: Ted Allen

I'm in a loft and the kitchen is in the very center of the apartment. The whole place revolves around it.

Tags: Place, Whole  ✍ Author: Ted Allen

I sympathize with every kitchen porter.

Tags: Sympathize  ✍ Author: Jamie Bell

I had to have a large kitchen because I look to cook.

Tags: Cook, Large  ✍ Author: Traci Bingham

I said I thought first I was on the stairs; then I remembered I was in the kitchen when he came in.

Tags: Said, Thought  ✍ Author: Lizzie Andrew Borden

I'm not the neatest person in the kitchen by any means.

Tags: Means  ✍ Author: Amy Brenneman

Their kitchen is their shrine, the cook their priest, the table their altar, and their belly their god.

Tags: God, Table  ✍ Author: Art Buchwald

When you're the conscious captain in your kitchen, you'll feel better mentally and physically.

Tags: Captain, Conscious  ✍ Author: Kris Carr

I do like to cook; I'm sort of a mad scientist in the kitchen.

Tags: Mad, Scientist  ✍ Author: Kyle Chandler

In department stores, so much kitchen equipment is bought indiscriminately by people who just come in for men's underwear.

Tags: Men, Underwear  ✍ Author: Julia Child

I'm good in the kitchen. I can cook seafood, collard greens, black-eyed peas.

Tags: Cook, Good  ✍ Author: Monique Coleman

I think the most effective way to run a kitchen is to teach, not to just yell.

Tags: Run, Teach  ✍ Author: Tom Colicchio

You want to be the baddest guy in the kitchen and you want the person next to you to know it.

Tags: Guy, Next  ✍ Author: Tom Colicchio
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I grew up in the kitchen, mostly with my grandfather, my mother and my aunt Raffy.

Tags: Aunt, Mother  ✍ Author: Giada De Laurentiis

The kitchen is a sacred space.

Tags: Sacred, Space  ✍ Author: Marc Forgione

And with the money from your corn, from your rents, and from the issues of pleas in your courts, and from your stock, arrange the expenses of your kitchen and your wines and your wardrobe and the wages of servants, and subtract your stock.

Tags: Issues, Money  ✍ Author: Walter Gropius

The kitchen may not get cleaned, and I have to accept that. I do the important things.

Tags: Accept, May  ✍ Author: Jasmine Guy

I won't say that women belong in the kitchen, but they don't belong in the dugout.

Tags: Women, Won  ✍ Author: Keith Hernandez

What's a soup kitchen?

Tags: Soup  ✍ Author: Paris Hilton

Some of our most exquisite murders have been domestic, performed with tenderness in simple, homey places like the kitchen table.

Tags: Places, Simple  ✍ Author: Alfred Hitchcock

A lot of Thanksgiving days have been ruined by not carving the turkey in the kitchen.

Tags: Days, Ruined  ✍ Author: Kin Hubbard

I just never saw my mother in any other room but the kitchen. There were always pots going.

Tags: Mother, Room  ✍ Author: Alan King

Everything from airplanes to kitchen blenders and even chopsticks comes with an instruction manual. Children, despite all their complexity, do not.

Tags: Children, Complexity  ✍ Author: Ashton Kutcher

I like to cook Puerto Rican food. That's what I grew up on: rice, beans, meat, some Italian-American food. I know my way around the kitchen.

Tags: Food, Meat  ✍ Author: Jennifer Lopez

I have a toy giraffe on my bed. I've got photographs over my desk as well as a mask of a giraffe in my kitchen. I am totally hooked.

Tags: Bed, Mask  ✍ Author: Joanna Lumley

I am spoiled, it's true. I don't even know how to use that thing in the kitchen with the burners.

Tags: Spoiled, True  ✍ Author: Cindy Margolis

I always feel like the editing room is like coming into the kitchen. What kind of a meal do you make from there? It can be anything.

Tags: Coming, Room  ✍ Author: Sterling Marlin

I've never cooked. I can't do much more in the kitchen than make a cup of tea and some toast.

Tags: Cup, Tea  ✍ Author: Ethel Merman

A kitchen without a knife is not a kitchen.

Tags: Knife  ✍ Author: Masaharu Morimoto

If our message reaches the kitchen tables, we are in good shape.

Tags: Good, Message  ✍ Author: Tim Scott

You know, you really can't beat a household commodity - the ketchup bottle on the kitchen table.

Tags: Beat, Table  ✍ Author: Adlai E. Stevenson

There's no hypocrisy in Hell's Kitchen.

Tags: Hell, Hypocrisy  ✍ Author: Ethel Waters

We never had a bathtub. Mom would bathe me in the wooden or tin washtub in the kitchen, or in a big lard can.

Tags: Big, Mom  ✍ Author: Ethel Waters

I go out to the kitchen to feed the dog, but that's about as much cooking as I do.

Tags: Cooking, Dog  ✍ Author: Betty White

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