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Scientist Quotes

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I time everything. I'm a scientist at heart.

Tags: Heart, Time  ✍ Author: Ina Garten

A writer should have the precision of a poet and the imagination of a scientist.

Tags: Poet, Writer  ✍ Author: Vladimir Nabokov

I was going to be a scientist.

 ✍ Author: Ben Okri

A scientist lives with all reality. There is nothing better.

Tags: Lives, Reality  ✍ Author: George Wald

A scientist should be the happiest of men.

Tags: Happiest, Men  ✍ Author: George Wald

In Italy the artist is a god. Now if the artist is a god, the scientist is likewise a god.

Tags: Artist, God  ✍ Author: Josef Albers

Well, I mean, I'm still a scientist, you know. I think once a scientist, always a scientist.

Tags: Mean, Once  ✍ Author: Mayim Bialik

I love being a very personal singer-songwriter, but I also like being a scientist or explorer.

Tags: Love, Personal  ✍ Author: Georges Bizet

I do like to cook; I'm sort of a mad scientist in the kitchen.

Tags: Kitchen, Mad  ✍ Author: Kyle Chandler

I am not a scientist. I am, rather, an impresario of scientists.

Tags: Rather, Science  ✍ Author: Jacques Yves Cousteau

I'm a novelist, not a social scientist or a commentator.

Tags: Novelist, Social  ✍ Author: Henry Ian Cusick

Why is it the philosopher who is expected to be easier and not some scientist who is even more inaccessible?

Tags: Expected, Why  ✍ Author: Jacques Derrida

Scepticism is as important for a good journalist as it is for a good scientist.

Tags: Good, Journalist  ✍ Author: Freeman Dyson

I'm a filmmaker, not a scientist.

Tags: Filmmaker  ✍ Author: Roland Emmerich

I always felt that a scientist owes the world only one thing, and that is the truth as he sees it.

Tags: Felt, Truth  ✍ Author: Hans Eysenck

You see, I am a very conventional scientist, really.

 ✍ Author: Martin Fleischmann

My father was a soil scientist with the Geological Survey.

Tags: Father, Soil  ✍ Author: Jim Fowler

Companies are getting bitten by hiring a data scientist who isn't really a data scientist.

Tags: Data, Getting  ✍ Author: Anthony Goldbloom

Well, of course I would choose to be the top scientist in my field.

Tags: Choose, Top  ✍ Author: Jeff Goldblum

I'm a medical doctor and a biomedical scientist.

Tags: Doctor, Medical  ✍ Author: Steven Hatfill

As a scientist in the field of biological warfare defense, I have never had any reservations whatsoever about helping the anthrax investigation in any way that I could.

Tags: Defense, Helping  ✍ Author: Steven Hatfill

I just wanted to be a scientist.

Tags: Wanted  ✍ Author: Terrence Howard

Rather than being an interpreter, the scientist who embraces a new paradigm is like the man wearing inverting lenses.

Tags: Paradigm, Rather  ✍ Author: Thomas Kuhn

The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he is one who asks the right questions.

Tags: Answers, Questions  ✍ Author: Claude Levi-Strauss

I'm a scientist, not a theologian. I don't know if there is a God or not. Religion requires certainty.

Tags: God, Religion  ✍ Author: James Lovelock
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The theist and the scientist are rival interpreters of nature, the one retreats as the other advances.

Tags: Nature, Rival  ✍ Author: Joseph McCabe

My transition from scientist to entrepreneur? Some would say that I still haven't made that transition.

Tags: Transition  ✍ Author: Robert Moog

I am a scientist and I am a physician. So I write papers.

Tags: Physician, Write  ✍ Author: Pranab Mukherjee

I don't flatter myself - I'm not a scientist, I'm not a conservation expert.

Tags: Expert, Flatter  ✍ Author: Edward Norton

When Rush Limbaugh says I'm not a scientist, I'm charmed - I smirk.

Tags: Rush, Says  ✍ Author: Bill Nye

As a Christian Scientist, I don't go to doctors and get diagnoses.

Tags: Christian, Doctors  ✍ Author: Henry Paulson

A scientist who cannot prove what he has accomplished, has accomplished nothing.

Tags: Cannot, Prove  ✍ Author: Judge Reinhold

There's no term to the work of a scientist.

Tags: Term, Work  ✍ Author: Judge Reinhold

Nothing leads the scientist so astray as a premature truth.

Tags: Astray, Truth  ✍ Author: Jean Rostand

First off, I'm not a scientist, and I make no apology for that.

Tags: Apology, Off  ✍ Author: Christopher Shays

I can't ever remember not wanting to be a scientist.

Tags: Remember, Wanting  ✍ Author: Chris Squire

A scientist's aim in a discussion with his colleagues is not to persuade, but to clarify.

Tags: Aim, Discussion  ✍ Author: Leo Szilard

A scientist... must accept the results of experiment, and nothing but the results of experiment.

Tags: Accept, Results  ✍ Author: Grant Tinker

I visited a scientist who had a helmet with magnetic fields controlled by computer sequences that could profoundly affect your mood and your perceptions.

Tags: Computer, Mood  ✍ Author: Douglas Trumbull

If a scientist is not befuddled by what they're looking at, then they're not a research scientist.

Tags: Looking, Research  ✍ Author: Neil deGrasse Tyson

I think I was a born scientist.

Tags: Born  ✍ Author: Ken Wilber

The scientist's inquiry into the causes of things is providing an ever more extensive understanding of nature.

Tags: Causes, Nature  ✍ Author: Kenneth G. Wilson

I wanted to be a scientist. But I had no math skills.

Tags: Skills, Wanted  ✍ Author: Simon Winchester

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