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Sterling Marlin's Quotes

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Born: 1957-06-30
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Sterling Marlin

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I guess everybody saw it. It's a deal where I'd been racing cars a long time and I knew going around the track the fender was on the tire hard.

Tags: Everybody, Hard, Time

It was a pretty wild ride. The race wasn't bad, but qualifying would take your breath.

Tags: Bad, Pretty, Race

We're having a good time. That's what I did last year. If you can't have a good time, you might as well stay home. I feel real good.

Tags: Good, Home, Time

A guy came to the shop every day. A lot of guys put the foam like stuff that forms to you, kinda like the Indy car guys run. He fitted it up and it felt real good, so we're going to try to run it.

Tags: Car, Good, Real

After Richmond, we went to Dover and tested that week at Kentucky. I was going to Dover and we had to get the trainer to meet us at the airport. I had to do some therapy on my ribs they hurt so bad.

Tags: After, Bad, Hurt

I think we'll be in pretty good shape. We've got the same car we ran in all the speedway races since 2001, and it's been a real good car for us. It's led every race we've been in.

Tags: Car, Good, Real

That's about the 1,000th and tenth time (I've been asked about my neck). It's OK. I'm been doing a little stuff. I got some stuff from UT, weights to build you back up.

Tags: Build, Stuff, Time

The guys have a lot of good cars built up. We're going to do some more testing before we go back to Las Vegas and try to win at Vegas again. We need to get off to a quick start.

Tags: Good, Try, Win

The hardest part was getting the window net hooked back. I didn't think I was ever going to get it hooked. I finally got it hooked. If I'd known that I wouldn't have tried to hook it.

Tags: Getting, Known, Tried

We felt like when we went into last year we had a pretty good chance to win the championship from the previous year with the fall we put together. We've got the same everything now, so I think we can come back and be as strong this year.

Tags: Good, Strong, Together

You look at 2001, we were third in points and no one gave us much of a chance when the season started. We came back last year and had the same team, the same everybody and led points.

Tags: Chance, Last, Team

The only thing that's important is that every day I'm waking and doing something that I really love to do.

Tags: Love, Waking

We're always just telling stories, and stories are always just approximations of the truth. It's never the truth exactly.

Tags: Stories, Telling, Truth

When I was a kid and going to the movies I was overwhelmed by the way women were always second-class citizens in the film.

Tags: Film, Movies, Women

When I'm sitting writing, I know that something works if I've made myself cry, or laugh, or have a visceral emotion.

Tags: Cry, Laugh, Writing

You are the sum total of the choices you make every day.

Tags: Choices, Sum, Total

You know, I can't imagine 9 to 5 writing. That takes some stamina.

Tags: Imagine, Takes, Writing

A lot of people think, 'I'll give acting or poetry or filmmaking a try. And if it doesn't work out I'll go get a law degree, do something else that's more practical.' For me I went the reverse way. I lived the back-up plan.

Tags: Give, Poetry, Work

As an actor, you have an accumulated knowledge base. But there's also something about it that every time you really feel like you're doing it for the first time; you have no idea whether you're capable of it.

Tags: Idea, Knowledge, Time

Here's the thing that I think about life - if you manage to get into a space where you don't need that much, where the overhead of your life is not that great and you're pretty happy and relaxed without that much stuff, you are really liberated because you never have to say yes to something because you want another refrigerator or car!

Tags: Car, Great, Life

I didn't understand how you could be an actor if you didn't also study philosophy and study political science, astronomy. And also just go out and live life and have experiences.

Tags: Life, Political, Science

I get uncomfortable when people give me presents and watch me open them. I don't have birthday parties, because the idea of a group of people singing and looking at me while I'm blowing out candles gives me hives.

Tags: Birthday, Give, Idea

I think I realized very early on that you can spend a lot of time constructing a really perfect scene in final draft and just end up throwing it away because you didn't figure out that mathematics of the story first.

Tags: End, Perfect, Time

I've found myself at one in the morning just sitting at my desk spending an hour returning emails from the day until like two in the morning. It's ridiculous, I should be sleeping, or dreaming, or reading a novel.

Tags: Morning, Reading, Until

Modern life has gotten so strange, we all get 150 emails and text messages a day, and it's hard when things are moving that quickly to keep that sense of wonder about being alive.

Tags: Hard, Life, Moving

One of the great pleasures of acting is surrendering to someone else's point of view of the world - living inside a character and a story that never would have come out of your mind or heart.

Tags: Character, Great, Mind
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Then in college, besides economics, I also majored in studio art and got involved in photography and making short films and acting. But I didn't know you could make a living that way.

Tags: Art, Living, Short

We put limitations on the way that we think about things, on ourselves, think about all the boxes we live in, male or female, you're this age, that age, this is your job, this is not your job, everything is about getting boxed in.

Tags: Age, Job, Put

When I go into a pitch room and I'm pitching something with a writing partner, everybody tends to look at the guy, even if I'm doing a lot of the talking.

Tags: Everybody, Talking, Writing

Writing so that I can act became a way of having not more control over my future but not having to wait for permission. You can choose yourself. Hmm, who should play this part? I nominate me!

Tags: Future, Writing, Yourself

I'm still a bit of a romantic and an idealist and hopelessly naive.

Tags: Bit, Naive, Romantic

I feel like I'm a much better person when I'm developing my imagination and my innocence and my vulnerability. I like that version of me better than the version where I'm just working on my analytical mind.

Tags: Innocence, Mind, Working

A couple of compromises in a row and suddenly you're very far way from the person you thought you were.

Tags: Couple, Far, Thought

A whole film is just about arriving at a moment where you hopefully transfer some feeling to the audience.

Tags: Feeling, Moment, Whole

Human beings are flawed and complicated and messy.

Tags: Flawed, Human, Messy

I always feel like the editing room is like coming into the kitchen. What kind of a meal do you make from there? It can be anything.

Tags: Coming, Kitchen, Room

I learned from my parents the idea that, if you are devoted enough and you want to study something enough, you can really teach yourself anything.

Tags: Enough, Parents, Yourself

I think I am looking as an actor to find ways to push myself into places I haven't been before as a human being.

Tags: Actor, Human, Looking

I think sometimes big budget means explosions! CGI! CGI, the possibilities are so limitless that it begins to be impractical.

Tags: Big, Means, Sometimes

I think there is a general unrest or curiosity about what a human future is going to be like, and whether the way we're living is even sustainable.

Tags: Future, Human, Living

I think we're always looking for an excuse to connect.

Tags: Connect, Excuse, Looking

I think we're scared of intimacy - all of us, a little bit.

Tags: Bit, Intimacy, Scared

I think what's so attractive about acting is that you get to live several lifetimes in one.

Tags: Acting, Attractive, Lifetimes

I wasn't actually very naturally good at economics. My brain doesn't work very well, in terms of mathematics.

Tags: Brain, Good, Work

I'd studied theater growing up and loved that, but didn't have many examples of artists around me.

Tags: Artists, Growing, Loved

If you play it safe every time, then you're missing the best part of acting. You haven't learned anything about your humanity.

Tags: Best, Humanity, Time

Is there anything worse than being called the 'It Girl?' By definition, there will be a new one in two weeks.

Tags: Definition, Girl, Worse

Life is beautiful because it doesn't last.

Tags: Beautiful, Last, Life

Living in Cuba made me unafraid of whatever could happen to me.

Tags: Happen, Living, Whatever

Nothing seemed as scary as waking up at 40 and realizing that I had not lived a very courageous life.

Tags: Courageous, Life, Lived

One of my favorite stories growing up was 'A Wrinkle in Time'. I loved that book.

Tags: Book, Loved, Time

Science fiction has a way of letting you talk about where we are in the world and letting you be a bit of a pop philosopher without being didactic.

Tags: Bit, Science, Talk

So at some point you realize that your life is not just going to start one day in the future, that you're living it.

Tags: Future, Life, Living

So writing became a way to get to act in things that I thought were meaningful, and hopefully write stronger roles for other women.

Tags: Thought, Women, Writing

The litmus test for whether I want to take on a role or not is usually fear. If I'm afraid of it, then I want to do it.

Tags: Afraid, Fear, Whether
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