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Laptop Quotes

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The laptop brings back a more seamless kind of learning.

Tags: Brings, Learning  ✍ Author: Nicholas Negroponte

Everything will be okay. I have a sticker on my laptop that says that.

Tags: Okay, Says  ✍ Author: Sharon Van Etten

Folks have to pin me down because, for one thing, I don't have a laptop. I don't have an iPhone, and I refuse to carry them because they're immensely hackable.

Tags: Carry, Refuse  ✍ Author: Dan Aykroyd

I can make everything I do come from my laptop. Even when I go to a big studio, all I do is to plug in my laptops. That's they way I do it.

Tags: Big, Studio  ✍ Author: David Guetta

I can write absolutely anywhere. All I need is a laptop.

Tags: Anywhere, Write  ✍ Author: Joanne Harris

I had a laptop when they weighed 10 pounds.

Tags: Pounds, Weighed  ✍ Author: Curt Schilling

On vacation, I totally unplug. I don't bring a laptop with me.

Tags: Bring, Vacation  ✍ Author: Will Wright

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