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Michelle Hunziker's Quotes

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Born: 1977-01-24
Profession: Actress
Nation: Swiss
Biography of Michelle Hunziker

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I find that one must accept the people in such a way as they are.

Tags: Accept

I had hoped that he has mouth smell or something other repelling, but nothing! It was even charming.

Tags: Charming, Mouth, Smell

I have had only two men in four years while he appears every week on the newspapers with another woman.

Tags: Another, Men, Woman

One says also, it is one of the most faithful men in Hollywood, and makes again more interesting it equal.

Tags: Again, Makes, Men

I find it very beautiful to work in different countries because I see the mentality differences there. It is so rich, one always carries forward something.

Tags: Beautiful, Forward, Work

I had the luck that my parents educated me in three languages. With my mother I spoke Dutch, with my father Italian, and in the school I learned German. But my host language is Italian.

Tags: Father, Mother, School

If I go to Germany, I learn something in addition. The German television is very precise and respectable. One has never stress. In Italy it is more dynamic. But I amuse myself madly in both countries.

Tags: Both, Learn, Stress

We look in... Germany for a superstar. We began with 10,000 people, which applied. From these 10,000, 100 was selected. The jury is unbelievably competent.

Tags: Germany, Jury, Superstar
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Michelle Hunziker's quote #4
Michelle Hunziker's quote #4
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