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Minka Kelly's Quotes

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Born: 1980-06-24
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Minka Kelly

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And anyway, modeling wasn't for me. I'm too short. I've got a big butt. It wasn't going to happen.

Tags: Big, Happen, Short

I didn't go to theater school. I didn't go to Julliard. But I've lived a lot. I've seen a lot. I feel like that makes up for a little bit.

Tags: Makes, School, Seen

I learned how to scuba dive, which is something that I've always wanted to do.

Tags: Dive, Learned, Wanted

I like to go wakeboarding. It's my new favorite sport. It's like skiing but on a snowboard that has little shoes on it.

Tags: Favorite, Shoes, Skiing

I love making characters real and believable, through my own experience and choices.

Tags: Experience, Love, Real

I moved to California not to pursue acting but to get out of Albuquerque.

Tags: Acting, California, Moved

I think brutal honesty is extremely important. Don't be afraid of being up-front about your feelings and your life.

Tags: Feelings, Honesty, Life

I think Miami is such a beautiful, sexy, gorgeous place. I love the people there.

Tags: Beautiful, Love, Sexy

I was a tomboy, not a girlie girl.

Tags: Girl, Tomboy

I'm confident - confident in my skin, and I'm cool with my flaws and all that stuff.

Tags: Cool, Skin, Stuff

In any solid, good relationship, it takes a while to trust someone.

Tags: Good, Someone, Trust

In L.A. everyone is an actor. In Texas, everyone's a musician.

Tags: Actor, Everyone, Texas

It blows my mind that anyone could be unkind to anyone.

Tags: Anyone, Mind, Unkind

No matter what you're doing, live it. Make an experience. Have fun. Relate to someone. Take them in. Learn.

Tags: Experience, Fun, Someone

I learned how to horseback ride in English style, which is very hard, by the way. I had no idea how challenging it was. I've always ridden horses, but Western is like riding a horse in a rocking chair, as opposed to English, where you have to balance and hold on with your legs.

Tags: Hard, Idea, Learned

I think the most attractive thing for me when I meet a guy is confidence and him being comfortable in his own skin. I like someone who doesn't need approval or validation.

Tags: Confidence, Him, Someone
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