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Mischa Barton's Quotes

Mischa Barton profile photo

Born: 1986-01-24
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Mischa Barton

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Pretty people aren't as accepted as other people. It's like, 'She's pretty and thin and she's got to have problems. She's messed up.'

Tags: Pretty, Problems, She

I'm still getting used to changing earrings - It still feels really weird to be pushing bits of metal through holes in my earlobes that weren't there a few weeks back, and actually seeing and feeling the holes in my lobes is still a bit freaky.

Tags: Feeling, Getting, Used

I don't mind nudity; I just don't do it often.

Tags: Mind, Often

I have a career, I worked so hard for it.

Tags: Career, Hard, Worked

I like guys who are confident but not cocky, who are comfortable with themselves, and who know what they want.

Tags: Cocky, Guys, Themselves

I like playing dark, offbeat, quirky characters.

Tags: Characters, Dark, Playing

I love to draw people's faces. I do that all the time.

Tags: Draw, Love, Time

I do intelligent roles. I don't want to be labeled as doing silly movies. I'm more mature than kids my age because I'm constantly surrounded by adults.

Tags: Age, Kids, Movies

I'm not really sure what people's preconceived notions are. I don't look at the gossip websites - it's unhealthy and I think it's a large part of what drives people in L.A. crazy.

Tags: Crazy, Gossip, Sure

It kind of irritates me that I'm seen as this pretty face. People also say I'm too thin. The truth is pretty people aren't as accepted as other people. It comes with all these stigmas.

Tags: Face, Pretty, Truth

The only way to be happy and be a more enjoyable person to be around is to embrace what you've got. Everyone has issues about their body, but I feel confident now. I'm healthy and happy.

Tags: Body, Everyone, Happy

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