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Nancy Greene's Quotes

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Born: 1943-05-11
Profession: Athlete
Nation: Canadian
Biography of Nancy Greene

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I think what it takes to succeed remains the same. You have to have a real love of your sport to carry you through all the bad times, you still want to go ski even when things aren't working. You must have a commitment to work hard and to never give up.

Tags: Bad, Love, Work

I am thrilled yet overwhelmed. There are so many great women athletes, some incredible performances.

Tags: Great, Incredible, Women

I'm not from a maple producing area and so my maple syrup credentials are very much of the eating side.

Tags: Eating, Side, Syrup

If it's not 100 per cent pure maple syrup, it can't be called 'pure maple syrup.'

Tags: Cent, Pure, Syrup

Rowing provided a place to go, a community where people cared about what I did and what I achieved.

Tags: Achieved, Community, Place
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Nancy Greene's quote #2
Nancy Greene's quote #2
Nancy Greene's quote #2
Nancy Greene's quote #2
Nancy Greene's quote #2
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