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Pat Morita's Quotes

Pat Morita profile photo

Born: 1932-06-28
Profession: Actor
Nation: Japanese
Biography of Pat Morita

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You may have heard that back in the States there are some people who are smoking grass. I don't know how you feel, but it's sure easier than cutting the stuff.

Tags: May, Smoking, Sure

I don't know of any other creature on earth other than man that will sit in a corner and cry because of some painful experience in the past.

Tags: Earth, Experience, Past

Thanks to the Japanese and Geronimo, John Wayne became a millionaire.

Tags: Japanese, John, Thanks

A lot happens in 20 years.

Tags: Happens

Hip Nip just sounds groovy. A drummer laid it on me.

Tags: Drummer, Laid, Sounds

I began in an era where four-letter words were not allowed.

Tags: Allowed, Era, Words

I didn't have a childhood.

Tags: Childhood

I never was able to do karate. That's calling me a good actor. I act like I can do anything.

Tags: Able, Act, Good

I still have a young attitude.

Tags: Attitude, Young

I went from being an ailing child to a public enemy.

Tags: Child, Enemy, Public

I'm in semi-retirement, but what am I going to retire to? I don't ride horses, I don't golf anymore. I shoot a game of pool every now and then.

Tags: Anymore, Game, Golf

It's been a career filled with very low valleys and some wonderful, high peaks.

Tags: Career, High, Wonderful

Only in America could you get away with the kind of comedy I did.

Tags: America, Away, Comedy

The idea of a Japanese comedian was not only a rarity, it was non-existent.

Tags: Comedian, Idea, Japanese

I'm awkward at these things. Just being nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Karate Kid was a real surprise and I was a little uncomfortable.

Tags: Actor, Best, Real

I've been working on my autobiography, just pecking away in longhand. The more you write, the more you remember. The more you remember, the more detail you recall. It's not all pleasant!

Tags: Away, Remember, Working
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