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I had wanted to play drums since the age of 9 when I saw a drum set in the window of a music store for the first time. We took lessons at a local music school and began playing together after about 6-9 months of lessons.

Tags: Age, Music, Time  ✍ Author: Jack Irons

My mom passed away a day before high school started, and her dream was for me to be a full rock and roll guy, and play drums in a band.

Tags: Mom, Rock, School  ✍ Author: Travis Barker

My mom always told me I should have a Plan B. I said that if I'm not going to play guitar I'm going to play drums. And if I'm not going to play drums, I'm going to play bass. I always just wanted to play music. I was completely obsessed.

Tags: Guitar, Mom, Music  ✍ Author: Gary Clark, Jr.

I've played every instrument you could possibly think of for 10 minutes. So I'm mediocre at everything. I can play drums, guitar, piano, violin, saxophone, clarinet, flute... Just not well.

Tags: Guitar, Piano, Played  ✍ Author: Kat Dennings

My goal was to play drums, but my father made me take piano lessons. He told me I needed to learn to read music first, so I took lessons for six years. I thank God that he made me take those lessons, because it taught me a tremendous amount.

Tags: Father, God, Music  ✍ Author: Brian Austin Green

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Play Drums quote #2
Play Drums quote #2
Play Drums quote #2
Play Drums quote #2
Play Drums quote #2

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