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Rallies Quotes

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The sad truth is that the civil rights movement cannot be reborn until we identify the causes of black suffering, some of them self-inflicted. Why can't black leaders organize rallies around responsible sexuality, birth within marriage, parents reading to their children and students staying in school and doing homework?

Tags: Marriage, Sad, Truth  ✍ Author: Henry Louis Gates

In fact, I really didn't get enthused about his Secretary of State race until I attended a couple of his rallies and found out there were a bunch of young folks that there were a bunch of young folks that he had been able to recruit on his own.

Tags: Able, Fact, Young  ✍ Author: Birch Bayh

There are some programs on FOX that are not only fair and balanced, they're commentary shows. They don't have to be. But they brag about how fair and balanced they are. They don't cover rallies and tea parties. They cheer lead for rallies and tea parties. And as a journalist, I am totally against that.

Tags: Against, Fair, Tea  ✍ Author: Bernard Goldberg

When I was a kid I went to Catholic school, and they used to drag us out to pro-life rallies and stuff full of crazy people.

Tags: Crazy, School, Used  ✍ Author: Tim Heidecker

My friend and I sang an a cappella rendition of Extreme's 'More Than Words' at one of our football pep rallies in a desperate attempt to look cool. For a while, I wore pink Converse All Stars because I thought it made me seem daring and irreverent.

Tags: Cool, Football, Friend  ✍ Author: Ed Helms

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