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Ryan Lochte's Quotes

Ryan Lochte profile photo

Born: 1984-08-03
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Ryan Lochte

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Things are moving pretty quick, and of course, the whole focus is training and getting ready and being able to prepare to be on the world's stage and hopefully do the United States proud.

Tags: Focus, Moving, Pretty

You know, you pick and choose your battles.

Tags: Battles, Choose, Pick

It's so hard to express yourself, because swimmers are pretty much paying attention to a black line for hours out of a day.

Tags: Black, Hard, Yourself

After my swims this weekend I think coach realized, you know what, you have to have a good one getting out of this meet. So I put the suit on and had a decent swim.

Tags: After, Good, Put

I am at the Olympics, I forgot to tie my suit, how is this gonna happen?

Tags: Gonna, Happen, Olympics

I enjoy racing so much. Ever since I was 8 or 9, I trained every stroke, because it was the only way I could race a lot.

Tags: Enjoy, Racing, Since

I hate to lose. I like winning.

Tags: Hate, Lose, Winning

I might wear my pink Speedo. I think I should.

Tags: Might, Pink, Wear

I've always been honest with all my kids. So I - if they did well, they did well. And if they didn't, actually, I asked, did you try your best? And if they tried their best, then, you know, I back out because I expect them to be honest with me or with themselves. And I can't make you go out there and work out hard.

Tags: Best, Hard, Work

My senior year of high school, when I was getting recruited for college, my dad goes to me, 'You can become an Olympic champion.' And that's the first time that I'd heard someone else say that to me. I was like, 'Uh, are you talking to me?'

Tags: Dad, School, Time

I have a lot of endurance and I have a good background right now in my training and it's time to get ready.

Tags: Good, Time, Training

I started eating healthier. I actually gave up fast food. I gave up candy and potato chips and everything else. I started watching what I ate.

Tags: Actually, Else, Food

I think after the 2008 Olympics I wasn't really satisfied with the outcome, so I knew I had to change some things.

Tags: After, Change, Knew

I took my weight training to a new level.

Tags: Level, Took, Training

I wasn't really happy with the way 2008 turned out for me. I wanted to change some things.

Tags: Change, Happy, Wanted

I'm big into fashion, so after swimming, when I hang up the Speedo, I definitely want to get into fashion and start designing my own clothing line.

Tags: After, Big, Fashion

I'm going to focus on speed, doing little things like my turns and my starts - just speed.

Tags: Focus, Speed, Starts

I'm going to keep living my life the way I've been living my life, and nothing is going to change that even if the Olympics are coming up.

Tags: Change, Life, Living

If I break my ankle right now, this Olympics wasn't meant to be.

Tags: Break, Meant, Olympics

It felt good to actually have a decent swim.

Tags: Actually, Felt, Good

Just all that hard work, all those hours in the pool, I feel like it's about to pay off. I guess we'll just have to wait and see this summer.

Tags: Hard, Wait, Work

My suit blew up into a parachute. All this water rushed in, there's air, water in there. I was freaking out.

Tags: Air, Suit, Water

The big picture is the Trials and Olympics. I just have to keep focused for that, keep moving forward.

Tags: Big, Forward, Moving
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I honestly think if I would've tied my suit and there wouldn't have been any water rushing through it, I think I could've gone at least a second faster.

Tags: Gone, Second, Water

I was a little troublemaker. Always trying to get in trouble, always mischief, like throwing rocks at cars when I was younger, all that kind of stuff.

Tags: Stuff, Trouble, Trying

No matter what, like, I couldn't - I could break a world record, get an Olympic gold medal, and my mom would be, like, you could have done better. But you looked pretty. That's what she says all the time.

Tags: Done, Mom, Time