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In every language you can imagine, I've had people say 'Appetite For Destruction' is the soundtrack to their lives. I don't think you could say something nicer to an entertainer or performer - can't get more respectful.

Tags: Language, Lives  ✍ Author: Steven Adler

To bring anything into your life, imagine that it's already there.

Tags: Bring, Life  ✍ Author: Richard Bach

One can imagine that the ultimate mathematician is one who can see analogies between analogies.

Tags: Between, Ultimate  ✍ Author: Stefan Banach

I can't imagine people telling me what to do - I just can't imagine it.

Tags: Telling  ✍ Author: Jane Campion

I imagine I'll continue on doing it for many years to come.

Tags: Continue  ✍ Author: Joseph Cannon

The saddest thing I can imagine is to get used to luxury.

Tags: Imagination, Used  ✍ Author: Charlie Chaplin

I imagine that yes is the only living thing.

Tags: Imagination, Living  ✍ Author: e. e. cummings

Maintain 'baseball cards' and/or 'believability matrixes' for your people. Imagine if you had baseball cards that showed all the performance stats. You could see what they did well and poorly and call on the right people to play the right positions in a very transparent way.

Tags: Baseball, Call  ✍ Author: Salvador Dali

I think that what people imagine they're going through is much worse than what they are going through.

Tags: Worse  ✍ Author: Larry David

I am accustomed to sleep and in my dreams to imagine the same things that lunatics imagine when awake.

Tags: Dreams, Sleep  ✍ Author: Rene Descartes

That's what fantasies are for, to help us imagine that things are better than they are.

Tags: Fantasies, Help  ✍ Author: Roger Ebert

I can't imagine having a conversation about 'Celebrity Big Brother' in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Tags: Big, Brother  ✍ Author: Niall Ferguson

As an architect, I learned to think and express myself on flat forms, on paper, and to imagine the contour of the lines of a design.

Tags: Design, Learned  ✍ Author: Gianfranco Ferre

To imagine is everything, to know is nothing at all.

Tags: Imagination  ✍ Author: Anatole France

I always imagine that if I met Dr. Seuss, he would be very similar to Crispin Glover.

Tags: Dr, Met  ✍ Author: Jim Gaffigan

It is my supposition that the Universe in not only queerer than we imagine, is queerer than we can imagine.

Tags: Universe  ✍ Author: John B. S. Haldane

Imagine if Beethoven had a tape recorder. Then you'd know exactly what he meant. Maybe he meant 'Da da da da' instead of 'Boom boom boom boom!' Who knows?

Tags: Knows, Maybe  ✍ Author: Eddie Van Halen

I would imagine that if you could understand Morse code, a tap dancer would drive you crazy.

Tags: Crazy, Understand  ✍ Author: Mitch Hedberg

I never think of the future. I never imagine what comes next.

Tags: Future, Next  ✍ Author: Jessica Lange

I'm not really part of that 'L.A. thing' or that celebrity culture. I'm more like someone who observes it, and I can't ever imagine being like that.

Tags: Culture, Someone  ✍ Author: Marina and the Diamonds

Imagine how asleep or utterly unperceptive and clueless you would have to be not to see yourself as absurd for the most part.

Tags: Absurd, Yourself  ✍ Author: John Malkovich

I can imagine no more comfortable frame of mind for the conduct of life than a humorous resignation.

Tags: Life, Mind  ✍ Author: W. Somerset Maugham

The Iranian acquisition of nuclear weapons would be infinitely more costly than any scenario you can imagine to stop it.

Tags: Nuclear, Stop  ✍ Author: Benjamin Netanyahu

I had a guitar when I was 6 or 7, a plastic guitar with the Beatles' faces on it. It would be a collector's item now. It would fetch a hefty sum, I imagine.

Tags: Guitar, Plastic  ✍ Author: Gary Oldman

People imagine that actors are being offered everything and you are not. So things come in and sometimes there are things that I want and can't get a meeting on, or go to a different actors.

Tags: Meeting, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Gary Oldman
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Yeah, people following me down the street and at the airport and all that. I can't imagine what it must be like for people who are, you know, actually famous.

Tags: Actually, Famous  ✍ Author: Ellen Page

Everything you can imagine is real.

Tags: Real  ✍ Author: Pablo Picasso

We're newspaper junkies; I can't imagine life without a newspaper.

Tags: Life, Newspaper  ✍ Author: Sally Quinn

I can't imagine living and not running.

Tags: Living, Running  ✍ Author: Paula Radcliffe

I think there's nothing that makes you happier than to be really involved in something. I can't imagine a totally idle life.

Tags: Life, Makes  ✍ Author: Lee Radziwill

I can imagine no society which does not embody some method of arbitration.

Tags: Embody, Society  ✍ Author: Stephen Rea

When our vices leave us, we like to imagine it is we who are leaving them.

Tags: Leave, Leaving  ✍ Author: Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Abstraction is one of the greatest visionary tools ever invented by human beings to imagine, decipher, and depict the world.

Tags: Greatest, Human  ✍ Author: Jerry Saltz

I can't imagine myself outside any kind of social or political involvement.

Tags: Political, Social  ✍ Author: Jose Saramago

I don't admire Freud as much as some people do. Imagine Shakespeare being aware of the Oedipal complex when he wrote Hamlet. It would have been a disaster.

Tags: Admire, Complex  ✍ Author: Nathalie Sarraute

Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?

Tags: Imagination  ✍ Author: Mike Tyson

You can imagine my embarrassment when I killed the wrong guy.

Tags: Guy, Wrong  ✍ Author: Joe Valachi

I don't know how people do it these days - paparazzi and that kind of thing. That's something I can't even imagine.

Tags: Days, Paparazzi  ✍ Author: Eddie Vedder

I can't imagine the right wing trying to unite without my participation.

Tags: Trying, Wing  ✍ Author: Lech Walesa

I should imagine that the conditions in the cockpit are totally unimaginable.

Tags: Conditions, Totally  ✍ Author: Murray Walker

Can you imagine the most trusted man in America? Cronkite deserved it too.

Tags: America, Trusted  ✍ Author: Mike Wallace

I was always nosy and can you imagine a better 60 years, 40 of which or 37 of which traveling any place in the world.

Tags: Place, Traveling  ✍ Author: Mike Wallace

I imagine there are things I wouldn't do, but I haven't been offered those recently either.

Tags: Either, Offered  ✍ Author: M. Emmet Walsh

It isn't necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice. There are two other possibilities: one is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia.

Tags: Fire, Necessary  ✍ Author: Frank Zappa

It's true, people don't imagine I'd be particularly woody.

Tags: True, Woody  ✍ Author: Clive Anderson

I am neither a sociologist nor a politician. All I can do is imagine for myself what the future will be like.

Tags: Future, Nor  ✍ Author: Michelangelo Antonioni

I can't imagine that I would have been cast in the role, without Jamie Lee giving me a thumbs up.

Tags: Giving, Role  ✍ Author: Adam Arkin

I can't imagine working without and audience.

Tags: Audience, Working  ✍ Author: Bea Arthur

To listen to some devout people, one would imagine that God never laughs.

Tags: God, Listen  ✍ Author: Sri Aurobindo

I don't know if there is a personal identity. We all imagine that we are absolute individuals. But when we begin to look for where this individuality resides, it's very difficult to find.

Tags: Difficult, Personal  ✍ Author: John Banville

I can't imagine life without singing.

Tags: Life, Singing  ✍ Author: Kathleen Battle

My favourite superhero is obviously Batman because he's the sexiest. But I can't imagine myself as Batman.

Tags: Batman, Superhero  ✍ Author: Jamie Bell

I think the lawyers are such incredible actors. Can you imagine the performance they have to do every day?

Tags: Incredible, Lawyers  ✍ Author: Monica Bellucci

We're going to be OK because of the American people. They have more grit, determination and courage than you can imagine.

Tags: American, Courage  ✍ Author: Joe Biden

I can imagine that Rod Stewart likes giving autographs because he's pure showbusiness.

Tags: Giving, Pure  ✍ Author: Ritchie Blackmore

With my pictures, what I hope is that it encourages the reader to imagine more pictures of his own.

Tags: Hope, Pictures  ✍ Author: Quentin Blake

When you have 13 horns, and one is soloing, you have 12 people to play the richest, fullest chord you could ever imagine behind that solo.

Tags: Behind, Fullest  ✍ Author: Carla Bley

I've had death threats, if you can imagine.

Tags: Death, Threats  ✍ Author: Pat Boone

We owe it to our children to be better stewards of the environment. The alternative? - a world without whales. It's too terrible to imagine.

Tags: Children, Terrible  ✍ Author: Pierce Brosnan

I couldn't imagine a home without animals.

Tags: Home  ✍ Author: Amanda Burton

I just want the future to happen faster. I can't imagine the future without robots.

Tags: Future, Happen  ✍ Author: Nolan Bushnell

Imagine if it happened to you: All of a sudden you find this thing on your wrist and people are telling you it has powers. I would be a little skeptical myself.

Tags: Happened, Telling  ✍ Author: Yancy Butler

I think I'm actually more vulnerable than people imagine.

Tags: Actually, Vulnerable  ✍ Author: Vincent Cassel

I imagine the life of an atheistic praying mantis to be rather torturous.

Tags: Life, Rather  ✍ Author: Brian Celio

So imagine a world 6 degrees warmer. It's not going to recognize geographical boundaries. It's not going to recognize anything. So agriculture regions today will be wiped out.

Tags: Boundaries, Today  ✍ Author: Steven Chu

God - a disease we imagine we are cured of because no one dies of it nowadays.

Tags: Disease, God  ✍ Author: Emile M. Cioran

What inspires me most are people who imagine and implement solutions to challenges in their own lives, in their communities, in our country and around the world.

Tags: Country, Lives  ✍ Author: Chelsea Clinton

As you can imagine I'm disappointed as anything that I was not selected to be the presidential running mate. And I find it continually appalling that it would be a radical thing to have a woman on the ticket.

Tags: Running, Woman  ✍ Author: Hillary Clinton

I can't imagine my life any other way than it's been.

Tags: Life  ✍ Author: Bruce Cockburn

The narrative impulse is always with us; we couldn't imagine ourselves through a day without it.

Tags: Impulse, Ourselves  ✍ Author: Robert Coover

That's the way I work: I try to imagine what I would like to see.

Tags: Try, Work  ✍ Author: Sofia Coppola

I don't know how to defend myself: surprised innocence cannot imagine being under suspicion.

Tags: Cannot, Innocence  ✍ Author: Pierre Corneille

Imagine the ball has little legs, and chop them off.

Tags: Ball, Off  ✍ Author: Henry Cotton

I can't imagine Jon Cryer performing with the New York Philharmonic isn't one of the signs of apocalypse.

Tags: Performing, York  ✍ Author: Jon Cryer

What's happening to our world? Imagine the year 2000 and our ozone layer has vanished... Our planet has a fever and she is burning up - what will you do?

Tags: She, Year  ✍ Author: Charlene, Princess of Monaco

He can't imagine the result of the mission because he never saw it.

Tags: Mission, Result  ✍ Author: James Dickey

As a minister, you shouldn't imagine you know better than the technical experts in your ministry. In the end you're there to apply the political stamp of approval.

Tags: End, Political  ✍ Author: Jeroen Dijsselbloem

If you are you, 24 hours a day, then you do not have to remember who you are supposed to be in different situations - something that I imagine could be troublesome.

Tags: Hours, Remember  ✍ Author: Bill Dixon

Imagine a part of the U.S.A., from which the U.S.A. started - where is the cradle of your history? This is Kosovo for Serbia.

Tags: History, Started  ✍ Author: Novak Djokovic

What we did not imagine was a Web of people, but a Web of documents.

Tags: Computers, Web  ✍ Author: Julie Doucet

Canada is like an old cow. The West feeds it. Ontario and Quebec milk it. And you can well imagine what it's doing in the Maritimes.

Tags: Old, West  ✍ Author: Tommy Douglas

Without imagination we can go nowhere. And imagination is not restricted to the arts. Every scientist I have met who has been a success has had to imagine.

Tags: Arts, Success  ✍ Author: Rita Dove

Imagine a world where everyone is really a change maker.

Tags: Change, Everyone  ✍ Author: Rachel Dratch

When I don't know what the music is going to be for a scene, I imagine some sort of orchestration going on and damned if they don't usually come up with a similar kind of thing.

Tags: Music, Scene  ✍ Author: Patty Duke

I imagine, therefore I belong and am free.

Tags: Belong, Free  ✍ Author: Lawrence Durrell

If you can imagine it, we can make it.

 ✍ Author: John Dykstra

People imagine I am always in a Bentley with pearls and diamonds and black glasses and Karl Lagerfeld next to me.

Tags: Black, Next  ✍ Author: Ines de La Fressange

You can't really imagine music without technology.

Tags: Music, Technology  ✍ Author: Brian Eno

I can't imagine going on when there are no more expectations.

 ✍ Author: Edith Evans

Everything we do, I'd imagine, influences everything we will do.

Tags: Influences  ✍ Author: Nick Flynn

With the World War II era, there's so much written material to draw on. When you go back to the 14th century, you have to imagine more.

Tags: War, Written  ✍ Author: Ken Follett

I've had every haircut you could possibly imagine: mullet, tail, dreadlocks, afro, crew cut. It's always been an expression of who I am.

Tags: Cut, Expression  ✍ Author: Marc Forgione

I can't imagine directing from someone else's script.

Tags: Else, Someone  ✍ Author: Tony Gilroy

I was terrified of being a teacher. To stand in front of a classroom, the responsibility is boggling. Imagine! Standing in front of people!

Tags: Stand, Teacher  ✍ Author: John Glover

You can't imagine how stupid the whole world has grown nowadays.

Tags: Stupid, Whole  ✍ Author: Nikolai Gogol

I define myself by everything that I love, everything I can create, everything that I can imagine.

Tags: Create, Love  ✍ Author: Stedman Graham

The Ireland I now inhabit is one that these Irish contemporaries have helped to imagine.

Tags: Helped, Irish  ✍ Author: Seamus Heaney

I would never imagine a mate based on a certain sex or race.

Tags: Race, Sex  ✍ Author: Amber Heard

The size thing is not some gimmick or attention-getting trick but a genuine undercurrent of the work. Frank Gehry for instance likes to imagine his buildings as sculptures. I like to imagine my sculptures as architectural.

Tags: Genuine, Work  ✍ Author: Heidi Heitkamp

But I can't imagine Harry being a stockbroker at 35. That doesn't really seem the stuff of 'Harry Potter'.

Tags: Seem, Stuff  ✍ Author: David Heyman

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