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Walter Gilbert's Quotes

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Born: 1932-03-21
Profession: Scientist
Nation: American
Biography of Walter Gilbert

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We are embedded in a biological world and related to the organisms around us.

Tags: Biological, Embedded, Related

It's easier to change what you do than people think it is. If you don't change, your field changes around you.

Tags: Change, Changes, Work

The virtues of science are skepticism and independence of thought.

Tags: Science, Thought, Virtues

Biology will relate every human gene to the genes of other animals and bacteria, to this great chain of being.

Tags: Biology, Great, Human

Early on, it's good to develop the ability to write. Learning to write is a useful exercise, even if what you're writing about is not that relevant.

Tags: Good, Learning, Writing

Everyone wants a hand in the outcome, a piece of the knowledge.

Tags: Everyone, Hand, Knowledge

I have the same sense of the power and virtue of knowledge that some people get from a religious background.

Tags: Knowledge, Power, Sense

Science doesn't in the slightest depend on trust. It depends completely on the belief that you can demonstrate something for yourself.

Tags: Science, Trust, Yourself

The best project is one that asks a novel question.

Tags: Best, Project, Question

The human's place in the universe will be set in the scheme of evolution, the product of our biological inheritance.

Tags: Human, Place, Universe

The interaction of the variation in our genes is what's responsible for lots of our attributes and vigor.

Tags: Attributes, Genes, Lots

Today we try to identify a gene and then study its properties.

Tags: Study, Today, Try

We haven't been able yet to determine in terms of genes what makes a human being a human and not another mammal.

Tags: Able, Another, Human

We know specific genes are turned on in specific cells, but we don't know to what extent this happens.

Tags: Cells, Genes, Happens

Why do we do basic research? To learn about ourselves.

Tags: Learn, Research, Why

By asking a novel question that you don't know the answer to, you discover whether you can formulate a way of finding the answer, and you stretch your own mind, and very often you learn something new.

Tags: Learn, Mind, Often

In 15 years we'll have all the sequence, a list of the genes everyone has in common and those that differ among people. We know only something like a tenth of 1 percent of the sequence at the moment.

Tags: Common, Everyone, Moment

Scientists tend to be skeptical, but the weakness of the community of science is that it tends to move into preformed establishment modes that say this is the only way of doing science, the only valid view.

Tags: Community, Move, Science

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