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Aidan Quinn's Quotes

Aidan Quinn profile photo

Born: 1959-03-08
Profession: Actor
Nation: Irish
Biography of Aidan Quinn

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Life is hard for everyone. That's why there's such a nice reward at the end of it.

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Genetics play a huge part in who we are. But we also have free will.

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I can't control how people are going to react. I try not to worry about what I can't control.

Tags: Control, Try, Worry

I mean, I've been stupid in the past, and I've learned from that.

Tags: Mean, Past, Stupid

Really, most of us just focus on what's in front of us. We're too busy putting out the fires of everyday life.

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Celebrity, to me, is not a thing to seek.

Tags: Celebrity, Famous, Seek

I get to do interesting roles and make a living.

Tags: Living, Roles

I had to bring myself back down to being a normal person again.

Tags: Again, Bring, Normal

I like the level of fame that I have. You get nice tables in restaurants sometimes, but fame isn't something that I find comfortable.

Tags: Fame, Nice, Sometimes

I loved working with Meryl Streep twice and I've gotten to work with my friend Liam Neeson on several occasions.

Tags: Friend, Work, Working

I think my being such a nomad let me into acting. I was always having to create a new image whenever we moved.

Tags: Acting, Create, Image

I think there's a down-to-earthness with Midwesterners and with people from the Midlands - which is where my family is from - in Ireland.

Tags: Family, Ireland

I'd sneak out of the house to meet girls at 3:30 a.m.

Tags: House, Meet, Sneak

I'd wear clogs, short pants and ladies' bracelets. I created this aura for myself.

Tags: Ladies, Short, Wear

Money is just something to be circulated.

Tags: Money

There will come a day when the phone doesn't ring as much as it used to.

Tags: Phone, Ring, Used

There's certainly more work for me in TV these days.

Tags: Days, Tv, Work

You have to make them laugh and then make them listen.

Tags: Laugh, Listen

I would love, more than anything, to do an out-and-out farce with huge physical energy. Just because you're from the minimalist school, it doesn't mean you can't go big.

Tags: Love, Mean, School

I'm not a city kind of guy. I'm happiest when I'm tromping through the woods. That's why I don't live in Los Angeles. Being physically away from Hollywood probably loses me a few jobs, but the best ones seek me out.

Tags: Away, Best, Why

I'm not particularly a career-oriented guy. I'm lucky. I can make really interesting films much of the time with interesting people yet be anonymous, have a private life. But, I'd like to have the choice of the better roles.

Tags: Choice, Life, Time

My thing about looking good is that it should be the character. If I'm playing a character who's concerned about his body - an athlete, say - I'll get in shape. If I'm playing a character who doesn't or wouldn't, I don't. I almost never get in shape for a movie, even though I know it would be a good career move.

Tags: Career, Character, Good

Some actors actually think about what they're going to talk about during the interview - they read up and meditate and plan quotes and get all inspired. It's very smart, but it's so planned. I never think to do that.

Tags: Inspired, Smart, Talk

You should learn to be happy with what you have. Besides, the fact that I'm not a huge star has allowed me to pick and choose the roles I want to do, not the ones some person sitting in a studio office thinks I should do.

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