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Amendment Quotes

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Well for one, the 13th amendment to the constitution of the US which abolished slavery - did not abolish slavery for those convicted of a crime.

Tags: Crime, Slavery  ✍ Author: Angela Davis

The First Amendment is not without limits.

Tags: Limits  ✍ Author: Jerry Falwell

I don't think the First Amendment trumps everything.

Tags: Trumps  ✍ Author: Toby Keith

Statutes authorizing unreasonable searches were the core concern of the framers of the 4th Amendment.

Tags: Concern, History  ✍ Author: Sandra Day O\'Connor

He has called for a repeal of the Fifth Amendment as it affects the right of private property.

Tags: Private, Property  ✍ Author: Dixie Lee Ray

In Cyberspace, the First Amendment is a local ordinance.

Tags: Cyberspace, Local  ✍ Author: John Perry Barlow

The First Amendment rejects red tape, cover-up and double-speak.

Tags: Red, Rejects  ✍ Author: Roy Barnes

The First Amendment means everything to me.

Tags: Means  ✍ Author: Julian Bond

I didn't know that President Bush would endorse a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Tags: Marriage, President  ✍ Author: Mary Cheney

The 22nd Amendment should probably be modified to say two consecutive terms instead of two terms for a lifetime.

Tags: Lifetime, Terms  ✍ Author: William J. Clinton

No patent medicine was ever put to wider and more varied use than the Fourteenth Amendment.

Tags: Medicine, Put  ✍ Author: William O. Douglas

If you're not going to offend somebody you don't need the First Amendment.

Tags: Offend, Somebody  ✍ Author: Larry Flynt

I'm a crusader. I really believe in the First Amendment, and I use it fully, and I pay a price for that.

Tags: Pay, Price  ✍ Author: Al Goldstein

The notion that the First Amendment has no limitations whatsoever is balderdash.

Tags: Notion, Whatsoever  ✍ Author: Trey Gowdy

The 'takings' clause of the Fifth Amendment is for conservatives what the equal protection clause of the 14th is for liberals.

Tags: Equal, Protection  ✍ Author: Michael Kinsley

First off, I never favored a constitutional amendment to criminalize abortion or to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Tags: Abortion, Off  ✍ Author: Dennis Kucinich

The First Amendment is very important, but it's not everything.

 ✍ Author: Anthony Lewis

I'm a defender of the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

Tags: Defender, Second  ✍ Author: Joe Manchin

I want to regain my First Amendment rights.

Tags: Regain, Rights  ✍ Author: Laura Schlessinger

We need an amendment that gives us the right to vote protected by the federal government and the Constitution.

Tags: Government, Vote  ✍ Author: Al Sharpton

As to the media, they are protected by the First Amendment, as they should be.

Tags: Media, Protected  ✍ Author: L. Neil Smith

When the 14th Amendment, equal protection clause was enacted, the galleries in the Senate were segregated. Now we have integration.

Tags: Equal, Protection  ✍ Author: Arlen Specter

I am a Colorado native, and, no, I did not vote for the anti-gay amendment or the same-sex marriage ban, and I am not a member of a militia.

Tags: Marriage, Vote  ✍ Author: Connie Willis
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