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Rita Wilson Rita Wilson - 1958-10-26, Actress, bio  (11 quotes found)
Robert Anton Wilson Robert Anton Wilson - 1932-01-18, Writer, bio  (52 quotes found)
Robert W. Wilson Robert W. Wilson - 1936-01-10, Scientist, bio  (1 quotes found)
Ruth Wilson Ruth Wilson - 1982-01-13, Actress, bio  (23 quotes found)
R. Foster Winans R. Foster Winans - 1948-08-05, Journalist, bio  (1 quotes found)
Robert Winston Robert Winston - 1940-07-15, Scientist, bio  (87 quotes found)
Ray Winstone Ray Winstone - 1957-02-19, Actor, bio  (30 quotes found)
Robert Charles Winthrop Robert Charles Winthrop - 1970-01-01, Politician, bio  (4 quotes found)
Ray Wise Ray Wise - 1947-08-20, Actor, bio  (3 quotes found)
Robert Wise Robert Wise - 1914-09-10, Producer, bio  (10 quotes found)
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Ray Winstone's quote
Robert Charles Winthrop's quote
Ray Wise's quote
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Ron Wood Ron Wood - 1947-06-01, Musician, bio  (32 quotes found)
Ronnie Wood Ronnie Wood - 1947-06-01, Musician, bio  (28 quotes found)
Roy Wood Roy Wood - 1946-11-08, Musician, bio  (16 quotes found)
Rob Woodall Rob Woodall - 1970-02-11, Politician, bio  (3 quotes found)
Rose Mary Woods Rose Mary Woods - 1917-12-26, Celebrity, bio  (1 quotes found)
Richard Wright Richard Wright - 1908-09-04, Novelist, bio  (8 quotes found)
Rick Wright Rick Wright - 1945-07-28, Musician, bio  (8 quotes found)
Robert Wyatt Robert Wyatt - 1945-01-28, Musician, bio  (66 quotes found)
Ron Wyden Ron Wyden - 1949-05-03, Politician, bio  (59 quotes found)
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Moment of love

One thing about Texas people, they're very passionate about their Rock N' Roll, and I love it.

 ✍ Author: Steven Adler

Moment of joy

For me to go to a restaurant and eat something that is not only good, but totally new, is a double thrill. Double the enjoyment.

 ✍ Author: Ferran Adria

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