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Georg Solti's Profile

Brief about Georg Solti: By info that we know Georg Solti was born at 1912-10-21. And also Georg Solti is Hungarian Musician.

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I was born and trained to communicate music, just as the sons were born and trained to hunt, and I was lucky to have grown up in Hungary, a country that lives and breathes music-that has a passionate belief in the power of music as a celebration of life.

Tags: Life, Music, Power

Friends are very important to me, and I have always had many of them. There are probably many reasons why this is so, but two seem to me more valid than any of the others I am a naturally friendly person, and I hate to be alone.

Tags: Alone, Friendly, Hate

After about six months, I told my mother that I wanted the lessons to stop, and she was intelligent enough not to force me to continue. Besides, the lessons cost money, which was anything but abundant in our household.

Tags: Enough, Money, Mother

The academy gave me a grounding in discipline and hard work that has sustained me throughout my life, and the lessons I learned there I now try to impress on young people.

Tags: Hard, Life, Work

I can only hope that neither of my daughters was scarred by their upbringing.

Tags: Daughters, Hope, Neither

I wanted to get away from my past and everything connected with it.

Tags: Away, Past, Wanted

I would never have become music director of the Chicago Symphony, which would have been an extremely sad loss.

Tags: Become, Music, Sad

My entire learning process is slow, because I have no visual memory.

Tags: Learning, Memory, Process

The experience awakened 'my tremendous musical ambition, which has never subsided to this day.

Tags: Ambition, Experience, Musical

Although both sides of my family were religious, I was never forced to practice the Jewish faith. I did not really rebel against it, but then, as today, I disliked organized religion. I have a strange inhibition about praying with others.

Tags: Faith, Family, Religion

But one day, when I was still young, I was parted from my family and left my native country. I hunted and searched for music, and destiny turned me into the object of my hunt. The circumstances of life became my 'antlers' and prevented me from returning home.

Tags: Family, Life, Music

During the first six years of my life, Hungary was one of the most important components of the Habsburg dynasty's vast Austro-Hungarian Empire, but after World War I it became an independent national entity.

Tags: After, Life, War

The stag tells him that he is the eldest of the sons - the father's favorite - and he warns the father that if he tries to shoot any of the stags, their antlers will tear him to pieces.

Tags: Father, Favorite, Him

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