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Ledisi's Profile

Brief about Ledisi: By info that we know Ledisi was born at 1972-03-28. And also Ledisi is American Musician.

Some Ledisi's quotes. Goto "Ledisi's quotation" section for more.

I know who I am and I've always been comfortable in my own skin.

Tags: Skin

I love opera so much. I would never go back to doing it, but I love to listen - I'm grateful for it.

Tags: Grateful, Listen, Love

When my time ends, I want people to say, 'Man her music made me smile; it just enlightened my life; it inspired me; it made me feel good every time.'

Tags: Life, Music, Time

I'm not focused on radio or whether I'm going to get all the audiences... all I wanted were great songs that were universal to any listener - Black, White, Green, Yellow; any kind a age difference.

Tags: Age, Black, Great

Whether I do jazz or R&B, there are always complaints. I would just listen to the complaints about what I do instead of celebrating what I do, and that I'm different and in my own lane. It took a while for me to just ignore the doubts.

Tags: Ignore, Whether, While

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