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Linda Cardellini's Profile

Brief about Linda Cardellini: By info that we know Linda Cardellini was born at 1975-06-25. And also Linda Cardellini is American Actress.

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After I finished 'E.R.', I wanted to concentrate on re-examining what kind of actress I am and taking time for real-life things.

Tags: After, Time, Wanted

Before I could talk, I would try to sing.

Tags: Sing, Talk, Try

Being raised Catholic myself, I think people who are Catholic tend to carry a lot of guilt. It's almost a joke.

Tags: Almost, Guilt, Joke

I had a really scary pregnancy and a very difficult delivery. My daughter and I are lucky to be alive.

Tags: Alive, Difficult, Lucky

I just got back from Switzerland, which I've never been to. I went to Switzerland and Amsterdam.

Tags: Amsterdam

I love to work on a set whether it's mostly men or mostly women, but there's something about being in a community of women that changes the energy.

Tags: Love, Women, Work

I think everyone feels lost at times during their high school years.

Tags: Everyone, Lost, School

I think I'm going to spend some time learning how to be a first-time mom, and then I'll go back to work.

Tags: Learning, Time, Work

I think in real life most of us don't know how to communicate our deepest feelings very well.

Tags: Feelings, Life, Real

The one thing about being on 'ER' that has changed is that I'm more easily recognizable.

Tags: Changed, Easily

There are not that many jobs as an actor where you don't get to know what your character will be doing from episode to episode.

Tags: Actor, Character, Jobs

Yes, I'm very close to my family. And being that close to your family, I think you also struggle with how to become your own person.

Tags: Become, Family, Struggle

I always thought I was a little shy, especially compared to my brother and my sister, but I guess I was always the kid doing performances in the front room.

Tags: Brother, Sister, Thought

I have sort of the career where, if you are a fan, you've been following me for a while, and you really like something that I've done, so meeting those people is always a really gracious experience.

Tags: Career, Done, Experience

I like diversity; I want one character to be very different from the next. I love to live with a character for a long time if I can, but I like one character to be different from the next.

Tags: Character, Love, Time

I remember when I took the role on E.R., I thought, 'I haven't really been able to play a working class woman. I've played girls, I've played funny, but I haven't played a working class woman. That sounds like something I'd like to do.'

Tags: Funny, Thought, Woman

I was extremely close with my parents. Breaking away from that is a double-edged sword: It's something you need to do, but it's hard to cut the apron strings.

Tags: Away, Hard, Parents

One of my favorite things to do is not to speak on screen. In theater it's different because there's a lot of emphasis on language - it's a different medium. But that is one of the most wonderful things about film. A person's face can say so much more than their voice can.

Tags: Film, Speak, Wonderful

One thing I like about trying to write is that I can possibly write myself a role. Otherwise, you're at the mercy of whatever roles are out there that people are willing to give to you.

Tags: Give, Trying, Whatever

People who have no idea it's me when they first see me playing something, and later they realize, 'That's her from whatever it is,' it's a great compliment that they can forget.

Tags: Forget, Great, Her

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