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Paul Theroux's Profile

Brief about Paul Theroux: By info that we know Paul Theroux was born at 1941-04-10. And also Paul Theroux is American Novelist.

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It's only when you're alone that you realize where you are. You have nothing to fall back on except your own resources.

Tags: Alone, Fall, Realize

Love doesn't last.

Tags: Last, Love

Men in their late 50s often make very bad decisions.

Tags: Bad, Decisions, Men

My greatest inspiration is memory.

Tags: Greatest, Memory

My house is a place I have spent many years improving to the point where I have no desire to leave it.

Tags: Desire, Leave, Place

People talk about the pain of writing, but very few people talk about the pleasure and satisfaction.

Tags: Pain, Talk, Writing

People who don't read books a lot are threatened by books.

Tags: Books, Read, Threatened

The amount of hassle involved in travel can be overwhelming.

Tags: Amount, Involved, Travel

The more you write, the more you're capable of writing.

Tags: Capable, Write, Writing

The Peace Corps is a sort of Howard Johnson's on the main drag into maturity.

Tags: Drag, Maturity, Peace

The pleasure a reader gets is often equal to the pleasure a writer is given.

Tags: Often, Pleasure, Writer

Travel works best when you're forced to come to terms with the place you're in.

Tags: Best, Place, Travel

When I began to make some money, I really wanted to have a home.

Tags: Home, Money, Wanted

When I went to Hong Kong, I knew at once I wanted to write a story set there.

Tags: Once, Wanted, Write

Writing is pretty crummy on the nerves.

Tags: Nerves, Pretty, Writing

You can't write about a friend, you can only write about a former friend.

Tags: Former, Friend, Write

You may not know it but I'm no good at coping with all the attention in the luxury hotels I sometimes find myself in.

Tags: Good, May, Sometimes

A travel book is about someone who goes somewhere, travels on the ground, sees something and spends quite a lot of time doing it, and has a hard time, and then comes back and writes about it. It's not about inventing.

Tags: Someone, Time, Travel

Fiction writing, and the reading of it, and book buying, have always been the activities of a tiny minority of people, even in the most-literate societies.

Tags: Book, Reading, Writing

I can't predict how reading habits will change. But I will say that the greatest loss is the paper archive - no more a great stack of manuscripts, letters, and notebooks from a writer's life, but only a tiny pile of disks, little plastic cookies where once were calligraphic marvels.

Tags: Change, Great, Life

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