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Randy Newman's Profile

Brief about Randy Newman: By info that we know Randy Newman was born at 1943-11-28. And also Randy Newman is American Comedian.

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If we'd had another carefree 70's, I'd have been dead. It was a little too carefree, you know? I don't know how carefree they were for me, I think I was worried then, I can't remember what about.

Tags: Another, Dead, Remember

My music has a high irritation factor. I've always tried to say something. Eccentric lyrics about eccentric people. Often it was a joke. But I would plead guilty on the grounds that I prefer eccentricity to the bland.

Tags: Guilty, Music, Often

Stay away from drugs. They're not worth it. I've tried, but there's none of them that's worth it.

Tags: Away, Stay, Worth

Learn about the world, the way it works, any kind of science and anthropology, it's really an interesting place we live in. Evolution is a really fantastic idea, even more than the idea of God I think.

Tags: God, Place, Science

But I don't want to sing everything out of the side of my mouth, I want people to understand what I mean.

Tags: Mean, Sing, Understand

But if you're doing something, show up everyday, and something good might happen - it's not going to happen if you don't show up.

Tags: Good, Happen, Show

I always thought my best album was 'Trouble in Paradise.' I was the happiest with that one.

Tags: Best, Thought, Trouble

I am not overlooking any mail. I'm looking at all of it. I even wrote back to the Viagra people.

Tags: Looking, Mail, Viagra

I don't remember ever having writer's block. If I sit in there for four hours, I'll usually have something.

Tags: Four, Remember, Writer

I like Public Enemy a great deal.

Tags: Enemy, Great, Public

I like science - geography, meteorology, cosmology.

Tags: Cosmology, Geography, Science

I once had dinner with Madonna and I wasn't nervous but within about a minute I found myself talking about underwear.

Tags: Found, Once, Talking

I think the tax cut is ridiculous but so am I.

Tags: Cut, Ridiculous, Tax

I'm pretty proud of my film music in general.

Tags: Music, Pretty, Proud

I've always had a lot of respect from the people I respected.

Tags: Respect, Respected

I've worked with a band, and it's nice to have someone to travel around with, but I didn't like it as well on stage.

Tags: Nice, Someone, Travel

It's funny; people get so doctrinaire about music. It should be the last thing you don't have an open mind about.

Tags: Funny, Mind, Music

It's very hard to get rich and famous at a young age and handle it well.

Tags: Age, Famous, Hard

Most of my songs are about insensitivity of some kind.

Tags: Songs

Mostly, I don't write overtly personal stuff.

Tags: Personal, Stuff, Write
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