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Rebel Wilson's Profile

Brief about Rebel Wilson: By info that we know Rebel Wilson was born at 1986-02-03. And also Rebel Wilson is Australian Actress.

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I come from the rougher side of Sydney. I don't know whether you can compare them to the projects , but in Australia, it definitely is the rougher side.

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I contracted malaria in rural Mozambique. I was a youth ambassador for Australia. For a year after high school, you give positive speeches about Australia and as part of it I traveled to lots of different countries.

Tags: Give, Positive, School

I love rapping. I do. My styling's similar to Missy Elliott - I think she's so dope. In a weird way, that's how I first learned the American accent: doing American rap songs.

Tags: American, Learned, Love

I remember my first taste of American big movies was 'Ghost Rider.' I'm in two little scenes. But for those two little scenes they had 400 extras, upside-down stunt cars, and a fire brigade.

Tags: Fire, Movies, Remember

I studied law at university and was sort of grooming myself to go into that kind of career. I filmed 'The Wedge' while studying, which was very difficult, but I'm proud I completed my degree.

Tags: Career, Law, Proud

I try to be healthy. I train three days a week with a trainer. But I do like to eat, clearly. And I do eat dessert every day. If I cut that out, yes, I would lose weight.

Tags: Days, Lose, Try

I was sporty in high school. I played tennis and hockey, and was basketball captain. Then I went to university and stopped doing sport and started eating ice cream.

Tags: Basketball, Hockey, School

I went to a Christian high school, so I went under my middle name. I don't think they would have accepted me in the school - 'This is Rebel'... so I have two middle names, Melanie Elizabeth, and I went under those. But Rebel's way cooler.

Tags: Christian, High, School

I'd love to do Broadway or the West End. I'm sure doing eight shows a week is gruelling, but I did a lot of stage shows in Sydney and I love performing live.

Tags: End, Love, Sure

In Australia, I wrote lots of little plays and put them on, and then I worked on a few different TV shows, like the Australian equivalent of 'SNL.' I would write and perform all of my characters.

Tags: Few, Put, Write

In comedy, it's not the glamorous, beautiful people that are great at comedy. They're either every man or every woman, they're either quite tall and lanky or shorter and fatter or have a big nose. They have something physically about them that makes them into a comic stereotype.

Tags: Beautiful, Great, Woman

People ask if my parents are hippies, but they're actually very conservative. A girl called Rebel sang at their wedding, and that's where my name came from.

Tags: Girl, Parents, Wedding

Some people think success is overnight. I suppose, considering I came from Australia, it has been pretty quick. But I have a background in stand-up and improv, so I've really had to prove myself.

Tags: Pretty, Prove, Success

Up until the age of 12, I went to dog shows every weekend. Mum showed beagles. It's a really competitive and eclectic world filled with characters who wear interesting outfits - similar to 'Toddlers & Tiaras,' but with dogs.

Tags: Age, Dog, Until

What they do in America in all those sitcoms is hire glamorous girls and they're never that funny... that's because they've never had to develop a personality because they're hot.

Tags: America, Funny, Hot

When I came to America I thought, 'Wouldn't it be awesome to get into one movie?' And then I get cast in 'Bridesmaids' as my first job here and it's such a huge movie.

Tags: America, Job, Thought

Where I come from, out in the suburbs, I didn't know anyone who was a professional actor. And girls that looked like me? No girls like that were on TV.

Tags: Actor, Anyone, Tv

At school, nobody thought I was smart and I became smart. Nobody wanted to be my friend and then I had lots of friends.

Tags: Friend, School, Smart

Because of my filming commitments in America, you have to sign contracts where you can't change your physical appearance.

Tags: America, Change, Physical

Even when I'm playing someone named 'Fat Amy.' I'm all about confidence and attitude.

Tags: Attitude, Confidence, Someone
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