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Todd Barry's Profile

Brief about Todd Barry: By info that we know Todd Barry was born at 1964-03-26. And also Todd Barry is American Comedian.

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I'd rather send out a mass email then hang posters all over the place.

Tags: Mass, Place, Rather

I'm particularly proud of my reluctance to share my dreams with anyone.

Tags: Anyone, Dreams, Proud

I'm traveling the world, ripping rooms apart with my stupendous comedy.

Tags: Apart, Comedy, Traveling

I've never been a TV junkie. I remember watching Letterman way back when he had a morning show.

Tags: Morning, Remember, Show

If I'm at a party and someone puts on a Blues Brothers tape, I tend to go nuts.

Tags: Blues, Party, Someone

If you see me at a restaurant, blow me a kiss, wave, blow me another kiss, then walk five steps backward.

Tags: Another, Kiss, Walk

It was actually 3 years between albums. That seems like a long time to me.

Tags: Actually, Between, Time

It's cool to go to a place that has posters up and it's one night only. It feels more special.

Tags: Cool, Night, Special

My sister sometimes does a Todd Barry tribute act.

Tags: Act, Sister, Sometimes

People in New York love having roof parties.

Tags: Love, Parties, York

There seems to be more comedy for comedy's sake.

Tags: Comedy, Sake, Seems

You always think you're better than you are in the beginning.

Tags: Beginning

I basically did comedy there for about a year, and then moved to New York. If I had it to do over again, I would have booked myself on the road for at least a year.

Tags: Again, Comedy, Year

I had some friends that tried it down there, and I went to a couple of open mics, and I just kind of got this... this sick urge to try it instead of just watching it.

Tags: Friends, Sick, Try

I mean, I guess I realized subconsciously that this is what I should be doing before I realized it, consciously. Verbally, I don't think I had committed to it, even though I was driving everywhere, every night, just trying to get on stage.

Tags: Mean, Night, Trying

I mean, I guess I started during the comedy boom, so it was literally like, on Sunday you could decide you wanted to be a comic, and on Monday, you could be on stage.

Tags: Mean, Sunday, Wanted

I mean, I've had bartenders and waiters and waitresses make a comment about a joke of mine, like pointing out some sort of logic error or something that I've never even thought about, and they're right.

Tags: Joke, Mean, Thought

I thought they may have presumed too much knowledge of certain things for people who are not comedians. Like Montreal. A comic understands what it is and its importance, but someone else may not know about it.

Tags: Knowledge, May, Someone

I was probably just trying to be Dennis Miller, but without the vocabulary to actually be Dennis Miller. I guess I was just less interesting than I am now, if I am interesting at all.

Tags: Actually, Less, Trying

I would call it a comedy variety show. We have some people just doing straight standup. We usually try to have one musical act of sort. So its just people being funny in different ways, not just sketch, not just standup, not just characters, all of those things.

Tags: Funny, Show, Try

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