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Traveling Quotes

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I really love traveling to Japan.

Tags: Japan, Love  ✍ Author: Christina Aguilera

I've spent too much time giving speeches, traveling the world.

Tags: Giving, Time  ✍ Author: Billy Graham

My home is in Heaven. I'm just traveling through this world.

Tags: Heaven, Home  ✍ Author: Billy Graham

I was more interested in skating and the girls and traveling than I was in calculus.

Tags: Interested, Skating  ✍ Author: Scott Hamilton

What inspires me most to write is the act of traveling.

Tags: Act, Write  ✍ Author: Tea Obreht

And, in some ways I like traveling, in other ways I'm sort of fed up by the whole notion.

Tags: Ways, Whole  ✍ Author: Steve Sabol

I feel traveling certainly does broaden the mind. In my case certainly I feel more confident. It gives you a new perspective on the world.

Tags: Confident, Mind  ✍ Author: Daniel Tammet

You're traveling all over the world but to be home is something special.

Tags: Home, Special  ✍ Author: Sebastian Vettel

I was always nosy and can you imagine a better 60 years, 40 of which or 37 of which traveling any place in the world.

Tags: Imagine, Place  ✍ Author: Mike Wallace

Traveling these days has a lot of problems and also it wears you out more.

Tags: Days, Problems  ✍ Author: Mose Allison

I don't like traveling, period. I like being at places and I like going places, but I don't like forms of transportation.

Tags: Period, Places  ✍ Author: Travis Barker

I'm traveling the world, ripping rooms apart with my stupendous comedy.

Tags: Apart, Comedy  ✍ Author: Todd Barry

Everybody learns from traveling. I think we all do.

Tags: Everybody, Learns  ✍ Author: Gisele Bundchen

I like politics. I like traveling in the United States.

Tags: Politics, United  ✍ Author: Laura Bush

When you're doing movies, you're traveling all over the world and you really can't be home.

Tags: Home, Movies  ✍ Author: Amanda Bynes

I learn much more by traveling by myself.

Tags: Learn  ✍ Author: Roberto Cavalli

I've been traveling the world and experiencing different places, and you always discover new things.

Tags: Discover, Places  ✍ Author: Jason Derulo

I need to keep traveling, being a gypsy, having experiences and writing about them.

Tags: Keep, Writing  ✍ Author: Delta Goodrem

Traveling all around the world, music sounds different.

Tags: Music, Sounds  ✍ Author: David Guetta

I had a father who was a traveling salesman.

Tags: Father, Salesman  ✍ Author: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Traveling is not a hindrance for me; it's something I actually enjoy.

Tags: Actually, Enjoy  ✍ Author: Cobi Jones

You get educated by traveling.

Tags: Educated, Travel  ✍ Author: Solange Knowles

When you're never home and traveling, you don't play videogames.

Tags: Home, Videogames  ✍ Author: Olga Kurylenko

Traveling is one of my great passions and something I do a lot of.

Tags: Great, Passions  ✍ Author: Sabrina Lloyd

I always think that the most delightful thing about traveling is to always be running into Americans and to always feel at home.

Tags: Home, Running  ✍ Author: Anita Loos

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I've spent the better part of the last twenty-five years doing a lot of traveling.

Tags: Last, Spent  ✍ Author: Joe Mantegna

I chose a pseudonym, Chris Marker, pronounceable in most languages, because I was very intent on traveling.

Tags: Intent, Languages  ✍ Author: Chris Marker

If I'm traveling, I'll pack socks in my bag - really cute furry ones.

Tags: Bag, Cute  ✍ Author: Nicki Minaj

I like the digressive kind of traveling, where there's not a particular, set, goal.

Tags: Goal, Particular  ✍ Author: William Least Heat-Moon

Traveling is seeing; it is the implicit that we travel by.

Tags: Seeing, Travel  ✍ Author: Cynthia Ozick

I love traveling, but I hate planes.

Tags: Hate, Love  ✍ Author: Alex Pettyfer

I've never had a clique. It's impossible when you're always traveling.

Tags: Clique, Impossible  ✍ Author: Cat Power

That's one great thing about my profession, traveling to locations.

Tags: Great, Profession  ✍ Author: Dean Stockwell

I do a lot of traveling around the world.

 ✍ Author: Chris Tucker

I travel. I do a lot of traveling around the world.

Tags: Travel  ✍ Author: Chris Tucker

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