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Troy Garity's Profile

Brief about Troy Garity: By info that we know Troy Garity was born at 1973-07-07. And also Troy Garity is American Actor.

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As a painter, it seemed easier to sort of disappear.

Tags: Disappear, Easier, Painter

Gel doesn't work in my hair because it has a life of its own.

Tags: Hair, Life, Work

I always thought I was sort of awkward and goofy-looking. I'm still kind of gangly.

Tags: Awkward, Gangly, Thought

I don't think about the Fonda legacy much.

Tags: Fonda, Legacy

I grew up around acting, but it was never thought of as a career.

Tags: Acting, Career, Thought

I look a lot like my father when he was my age.

Tags: Age, Father

I try to be somewhat wary of fame, but I'm not wary of success.

Tags: Fame, Success, Try

I work out, but not like I should.

Tags: Work

I can disappear into things very easily. But with acting, you have to be in the moment, and it gives me this incredibly fulfilling emotion: being really present.

Tags: Acting, Moment, Present

I spent all of my childhood at a performance art camp. Putting on plays, it was more like commedia dell'arte. It wasn't career-oriented in any way. It was more fun and therapeutic, so I never really thought of it as something I would end up doing. I was more convinced I was going to be a painter.

Tags: Art, End, Fun

I want to show my range before I fall into any typecasting. I've turned down a lot of things trying to wait. But at the end of my career, whether that be tomorrow or 40 years from now, I would like to look back and be able to say, 'Ah, I never fell into any gimmicks.'

Tags: Career, End, Tomorrow

If I have one special memory, it was when we recreated the trial of the Chicago Seven - and I'd known about it before - but this was a pivotal moment in my life. If my father had been found guilty of conspiracy, I wouldn't be here.

Tags: Father, Life, Special

My mother was married to one of the greatest newsmen of all times. CNN was built out of his idealism and his recognition that, in a global age, we needed greater understanding of the world around us.

Tags: Age, Greatest, Mother

School is such an encouraging and safe environment. It's filled with idealism and just really working on your craft. When you enter the business world - where art meets commerce - it can become quite depressing.

Tags: Art, Business, School

When I was in the 9th grade, on Halloween night, when you're supposed to go and out and burn your city, my mom made me go to 'Cirque du Soleil.' I was kicking and screaming. This girl came out onstage, and I was instantly mesmerized. I dropped out of school and became obsessed with her. I saw the show, like, 70 times.

Tags: Girl, Mom, School

I think everything I write is from an atheist perspective. I mean, it's partly from an atheist perspective because I'm an atheist, and I'm just not really interested in religious-based questions.

Tags: Mean, Questions, Write

I've never been to Comic-Con, but I'm certainly aware from this side of the Atlantic that it's a very important part of film marketing now, even when the films are not directly linked to a comic.

Tags: Film, Films, Marketing

I've written original material before, where I've come up with the idea and the characters myself, and that's definitely very different to working with someone else's characters and stories.

Tags: Else, Someone, Working

It slightly depends on your perspective, sort of how you look at these things, but when I sit down to write a script, I'm not planning to write a script; I'm planning to make a film, and so I only see the script as being just a step there.

Tags: Film, Step, Write

When I see 'Sunshine,' I see a film that part of me is kind of very proud of and another part of me is very sad about, so it's a really complicated film for me. And I've never been really able to resolve all that in myself.

Tags: Proud, Sad, Sunshine
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