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Blanka Vlasic's Quotes

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Born: 1983-11-08
Profession: Athlete
Nation: Croatian
Biography of Blanka Vlasic

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Sometimes your disappointments make you a stronger person for the future.

Tags: Future, Sometimes, Strength

Competing helps me to polish my shape.

Tags: Competing, Polish, Shape

I am the only girl in the family so everyone pampered me.

Tags: Everyone, Family, Girl

I believe the reason for my early independence is sport, through which I learnt at an early stage to take care of myself and be disciplined.

Tags: Care, Early, Reason

I don't rank competitions - every single one is the Olympics to me.

Tags: Olympics, Rank, Single

I like so much wearing heels, legs look so much better, everything looks better. But it's only recently I've had the courage to do that.

Tags: Courage, Heels, Looks

I realized that health is the most important thing and that all the other things come with time if you are devoted enough.

Tags: Enough, Health, Time

People don't come to stadiums only to see results. They come to see a reaction, they want to see we are also human, that we can cry or laugh.

Tags: Cry, Human, Laugh

People like scandals.

Tags: Scandals

Since I became a favorite in every race, it's just another burden that I have to bear.

Tags: Another, Race, Since

The Olympics must be my curse or something.

Tags: Curse, Olympics

A good career is a long-lasting career. When you're there in every competition doing a good job you're a part of an elite, and that's the most important thing.

Tags: Career, Good, Job