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There is no rank in sacrifice.

Tags: Sacrifice  ✍ Author: Josephus Daniels

You can be a rank insider as well as a rank outsider.

Tags: Insider, Outsider  ✍ Author: Robert Frost

I am a rank individualist.

 ✍ Author: Arthur Keith

He shines in the second rank, who is eclipsed in the first.

Tags: Second, Shines  ✍ Author: Voltaire

It is the rank and file - the average woman - for whom the world has opened up so astonishingly.

Tags: Average, Woman  ✍ Author: Mary Augusta Ward

Rank does not intimidate hardware. Neither does the lack of rank.

Tags: Lack, Neither  ✍ Author: Norman Ralph Augustine

Liberals believe they own the franchise on minorities and can't stand any Hispanic or black who breaks rank.

Tags: Black, Stand  ✍ Author: Linda Chavez

Money is a scoreboard where you can rank how you're doing against other people.

Tags: Against, Money  ✍ Author: Mark Cuban

I'm not a 25-interception quarterback, I know that.

Tags: Between, Worried  ✍ Author: Eli Manning

I don't rank competitions - every single one is the Olympics to me.

Tags: Olympics, Single  ✍ Author: Blanka Vlasic

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