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Bones Quotes

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I make no bones about it, I'm a product of my upbringing and of the time I was brought up, so I'm not going to pretend not to be.

Tags: Pretend, Time  ✍ Author: David Davis

I think for my bones and my size, I better stay with my 60 kilo.

Tags: Size, Stay  ✍ Author: Karl Lagerfeld

We are beaten, we will make no bones about it; but we are not too badly beaten still to fight.

Tags: Badly, Fight  ✍ Author: James Larkin

But I found out that bones with flesh are more interesting than bones without.

Tags: Flesh, Found  ✍ Author: James MacArthur

My partner has to have good sized bones.

Tags: Good, Partner  ✍ Author: Macklemore

I find no sweeter fat than sticks to my own bones.

Tags: Fat, Sticks  ✍ Author: Walt Whitman

My nickname was Skinabo - 'skin and bones.'

Tags: Nickname, Skin  ✍ Author: Ellen Barkin

You shouldn't have to pay for your love with your bones and your flesh.

Tags: Love, Pay  ✍ Author: Pat Benatar

If you're a musician, you're a musician; you don't ever get that out of your bones.

Tags: Musician  ✍ Author: Alex Clare

I have dangerous bones in my body.

Tags: Body, Dangerous  ✍ Author: Vin Diesel

My arm bones looked like chicken bones.

Tags: Arm, Chicken  ✍ Author: David Duchovny

Folk is bare bones music.

Tags: Folk, Music  ✍ Author: Ben Harper

I like meat on my bones.

Tags: Meat  ✍ Author: Jennifer Hudson

My bones are tired from all the tragedy in me.

Tags: Tired, Tragedy  ✍ Author: Peter Krause

In valley drift we meet commonly with the bones of quadrupeds which graze on plains bordering rivers.

Tags: Meet, Valley  ✍ Author: Charles Lyell

'No Bones' has some reverb that I kick around.

Tags: Kick  ✍ Author: J Mascis

I believe life is precious; I believe that to the marrow of my bones.

Tags: Life, Precious  ✍ Author: Richard Mourdock

I have no history but the length of my bones.

Tags: History, Length  ✍ Author: Robin Skelton

I make no bones about it. I have no understanding of pastry.

Tags: Pastry  ✍ Author: Michael Symon

There's more to life than cheek bones.

Tags: Cheek, Life  ✍ Author: Garry Winogrand

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