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J Mascis's Quotes

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Born: 1965-12-10
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of J Mascis

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All labels are offensive in some way.

Tags: Labels, Offensive

Generally my songs are just some riffs slung together as an excuse for a guitar solo.

Tags: Guitar, Songs, Together

I have a couple of gold teeth. I had braces for a year but I didn't wear the retainer.

Tags: Couple, Gold, Year

I play a Fender Jazzmaster and three stacks and a combo, two old Marshall Plexis and a Hiwatt combo and a Hiwatt combo with Marshall cabs.

Tags: Marshall, Old, Three

I prefer cynical people. Nice guys grow on trees.

Tags: Grow, Guys, Nice

I've always worn earplugs, but I'm sure my hearing's not great.

Tags: Great, Hearing, Sure

I've never liked rehearsing too much.

Tags: Liked, Rehearsing

It's good to have certain restrictions sometimes, but it's definitely more fun to play really loud, with distortion.

Tags: Fun, Good, Sometimes

It's harder to play drums than guitar, physically. I'm always kind of on the edge. I guess that's how I play everything: on the edge of my ability.

Tags: Ability, Guess, Guitar

'No Bones' has some reverb that I kick around.

Tags: Bones, Kick

People have to do what they want to do.

Tags: Direction, Keep, Makes

When I play a solo I'm just expressing that moment. It can go horribly wrong easily enough.

Tags: Enough, Moment, Wrong

You might as well play at the show everyone else is playing at.

Tags: Else, Everyone, Show

I enjoy having some boundaries to work within. That's why I generally don't like alternate tunings and stuff like that. I like the boundaries of regular tunings.

Tags: Enjoy, Why, Work

I was just reading about Paul Simon in 'Uncut', and it was fascinating. I never think about him much or think about his music or anything, but it's interesting to hear his ideas on stuff.

Tags: Him, Music, Reading

Yeah, you know, I'm always into cassette. At least they seem to be the longest-lasting medium we used to have. I don't play cassettes much anymore, but I play records all the time.

Tags: Seem, Time, Used
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