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Brian Bosworth's Quotes

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Born: 1965-03-09
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Brian Bosworth

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I'd like to improve on running plays. I want to see if I can hurt some more people. To me, I don't think I'm out there hurting enough people.

Tags: Enough, Hurt, Hurting

All I want is the defining moment.

Tags: Defining, Moment

Due to the injuries that I will have for the rest of my life, it is physically impossible for me to consider any career in wrestling.

Tags: Career, Impossible, Life

Football is so barbaric. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking by playing it. I feel almost like I escaped from boot camp.

Tags: Football, Sometimes, Thinking

I actually was rebelling as all young adults tend to do at or around the age of 19, to experiment with their lives and have fun.

Tags: Age, Fun, Young

I had sacrificed my entire life to play football.

Tags: Football, Life, Sacrificed

I hate when people call me 'The Boz'.

Tags: Call, Hate

I lead an introverted and boring life here in California.

Tags: Boring, Here, Life

I should hurt a lot more people than I do. I'd like to hurt someone on every play.

Tags: Hurt, Someone

I'd rather be good than lucky.

Tags: Good, Lucky, Rather

I'm a big fan of Coach Dorrell. I watched UCLA football for many, many years. I've grown accustomed to the Pac-10 style.

Tags: Big, Football, Style

I'm moving to a point that I'm fed up with the N.C.A.A. dictation.

Tags: Fed, Moving, Point

If you can miss getting up in the morning and running into a wall, I miss playing football. I'll never be a frustrated athlete.

Tags: Football, Getting, Morning

People never understood that there was Brian and The Boz. They were two completely different people.

Tags: Brian, Understood

The saddest day of my life was the day I didn't get to play football anymore.

Tags: Anymore, Football, Life

The sight of burnt orange makes me puke.

Tags: Makes, Orange, Sight

When you're 20, we all make stupid and impulsive decisions.

Tags: Decisions, Impulsive, Stupid

Wrestlers are a bunch of wanna-be football players.

Tags: Bunch, Football, Players

How hard could it be? Is it really going to hurt? You get into that deep well of emotion if you are by yourself. Why am I here? What's the point of going on? If I can't do what I want to do, then what's the point?

Tags: Deep, Hurt, Yourself

I deeply regret those situations that have blemished the image of the University of Oklahoma, and I hope that I can rectify the embarrassment I have brought the university.

Tags: Hope, Image, Regret

In the middle of a play, I go crazy and don't realize what I'm doing. I'll snap back to reality and I realize, 'Hey, I just ripped that boy's helmet off,' or, 'I'm over here twisting this guy's knee.

Tags: Crazy, Here, Reality

Usually the films that I do are released theatrically in foreign markets. In the U.S., they're either picked up as HBO premier films or Showtime first-runs. In today's market, in America, you need at least $50 million for your budget to go to the big show, and I'm not quite there yet. But keep watching - maybe someday I will be.

Tags: America, Big, Today

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