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Carmelo Anthony's Quotes

Carmelo Anthony profile photo

Born: 1984-05-29
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Carmelo Anthony

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What I do will be straight up. Management knows that.

Tags: Knows, Management, Straight

Who wouldn't want to go back home to play?

Tags: Home

With the way everything's going now and the way that technology is going, you can do a lot of things with a lot of different new materials.

Tags: Materials, Technology

When I step on that basketball court, I'm thinking about basketball, I'm thinking about winning - but there's so much that goes into thought about how I'm going to open this game up to others. It's so much more than just basketball.

Tags: Game, Thinking, Winning

I believe that you should put the right people around you, people that will not let anything go wrong.

Tags: Put, Wrong

I can't worry about what other people are saying about me. At the end of the day, it's just their opinions, but if I said I don't hear it, or it doesn't bother me a little bit, I'd be lying to you.

Tags: End, Said, Saying

I can't palm a basketball.

Tags: Basketball, Palm

People look at me like I'm on my way out of the game. I'm just getting started.

Tags: Game, Getting, Started

Any decision I make is the biggest decision of my life.

Tags: Biggest, Decision, Life

I just want to get on the court.

Tags: Court

I think going to college for that one year was probable the best thing I have ever done.

Tags: Best, College, Done

I'm a classical type of guy. Whatever's out at that point in time, I like it. I just put my own twist on it, and we go from there.

Tags: Put, Time, Whatever

I think everybody has their own unique style.

Tags: Everybody, Style, Unique

Leadership is something I was born with.

Tags: Born, Leadership

Man, I'm not trying to be important; I just go out and play.

Tags: Trying

At the end of the day, you want to be always the one that's one step ahead of everybody, and when it comes to hip-hop, culture and art, you want to be that signature guy.

Tags: Art, End, Everybody

I know I'm not a selfish player. People around me know I'm not a selfish player. I do everything I can to make people around me understand I'm not a selfish player.

Tags: Player, Selfish, Understand

The NBA's a Fortune 500 company. That's how you look at it. And all the other Fortune 500 companies out there in the world, you don't see their CEOs and COOs going to work with white tees and baggy clothes and stuff like that. So I have to take that same approach.

Tags: Company, Stuff, Work

Denver is home to me, and to be recognized for my achievements in the sports community here is a great honor.

Tags: Great, Home, Sports

I like having fun.

Tags: Fun

I think people fail to realize that teams and organizations have been stacking teams since way back in the day.

Tags: Fail, Realize, Since

I told my mom I would graduate. I owe that much to her and myself.

Tags: Her, Mom, Owe

I wanted to make the lightest shoe possible, but still be able to perform at the same time.

Tags: Able, Time, Wanted

I'm really into fashion.

Tags: Fashion

I've been at the funerals of a lot of people in my neighborhood. Sometimes when I sit back and relax, I think about that and just blank out.

Tags: Relax, Sit, Sometimes

It's easier for me to let the game just come to me.

Tags: Easier, Game
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It's too late for me to get married before I'm famous. You never know people's intentions.

Tags: Famous, Late, Married

Life is a risk.

Tags: Life, Risk

Of course I want to take the last shot, let's be quite frank: I've been doing for nine years already, and I've made a ton of them.

Tags: Last, Quite, Shot
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