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Cass Sunstein's Quotes

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Born: 1954-09-21
Profession: Lawyer
Nation: American
Biography of Cass Sunstein

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I think it's a very firm part of human nature that if you surround yourself with like-minded people, you'll end up thinking more extreme versions of what you thought before.

Tags: End, Nature, Yourself

I strongly believe that the Second Amendment creates an individual right to possess and use guns for purposes of both hunting and self-defense.

Tags: Both, Individual, Second

I'm interested in how the Internet spreads information.

Tags: Interested, Internet, Spreads

This part of the 21st century is preoccupied with risk, and there's a lot that law can do to make lives longer and healthier.

Tags: Law, Lives, Risk

The U.S. is blessed with tremendously creative and imaginative law students at places like Chicago, Harvard, Columbia and Yale.

Tags: Blessed, Creative, Law

As a matter of history, the Fourteenth Amendment was not understood to ban segregation on the basis of race.

Tags: History, Matter, Race

I am a huge Red Sox fan.

Tags: Fan, Red, Sox

I think that every state in the union should recognize same-sex marriage.

Tags: Marriage, State, Union

I would reject the distinction between a Keynesian moment and a behavioral moment.

Tags: Between, Moment, Reject

If there's a regulation that's saving 10,000 lives and costing one job, it's worth it.

Tags: Job, Lives, Worth

It's hard to get me out of the office.

Tags: Hard, Office

Liberals are sometimes defined as people who can't take their own side in an argument.

Tags: Argument, Side, Sometimes

The 'cash for clunkers' program was a big success in part because it gave people the sense that the economy was moving.

Tags: Big, Moving, Success

There is no proportional representation requirement in the Equal Protection Clause.

Tags: Clause, Equal, Protection

We ought to ban hunting, I suggest, if there isn't a purpose other than sport and fun. That should be against the law. It's time now.

Tags: Fun, Law, Time

Catholicism is a wide tent in terms of political and legal positions. We could have nine Catholics on the Supreme Court and a great deal of diversity toward the law.

Tags: Great, Legal, Political

Democrats want to use government power to make people's lives go better; Republicans respond that people know more than politicians do. We think that both might be able to agree that nudging can maintain free markets, and liberty, while also inclining people in good directions.

Tags: Good, Government, Power

If I may discuss the idea of explosion. The number of regulations issued in the last two years is approximately the same as the number issued in the last two years of the Bush administration.

Tags: Idea, Last, May

Most problems are best solved privately, not through government. There's a problem of discourtesy in the world, which is best handled through social norms, which are indispensable. But you wouldn't want the government to be mandating courtesy.

Tags: Best, Government, Problem

There are some lawyers who think of themselves as basically instruments of whoever their clients are, and they pride themselves on their professional craft.

Tags: Lawyers, Pride, Themselves

There's a big difference between the role of an academic and the role of someone in government. That's a cliche, but in academic life if you say things that are common sense and people nod their heads, it's not very useful. You're not adding anything.

Tags: Government, Life, Someone

Today, we are announcing that agencies are releasing their final regulatory reform plans, including hundreds of initiatives that will reduce costs, simplify the system, and eliminate redundancy and inconsistency.

Tags: Final, System, Today

When I was an academic, I'd sometimes get a little feeling of excitement when I had an idea that was, I hoped, fresh. And whether anyone should act on that idea is a very different question.

Tags: Feeling, Idea, Sometimes
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