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Gayle King's Quotes

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Born: 1954-12-28
Profession: Entertainer
Nation: American
Biography of Gayle King

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I have an impressionable palate. A well-worded menu or beautifully presented dish excites me. I get a great deal of pleasure just thinking about food.

Tags: Food, Great, Thinking

I know for sure that nothing is guaranteed. Life always changes. I know for sure that I'm open to all possibilities always... let's just say my life is never boring.

Tags: Boring, Life, Sure

I normally don't love green juices, but Body & Eden makes theirs tasty by blending ingredients like avocado and banana with the usual suspects like kale and spinach. Delicious as they are, they're low calorie, and the drink names are catchy: I Have Balance, I Have Energy, and my favorite, I Have Calm.

Tags: Calm, Energy, Love

I wish there was something where you could blink an eye and be somewhere. I'm a very nervous flier. I wish we could get from point A to point B instantly.

Tags: Eye, Point, Wish

I would love to have dinner with Jay-Z and Beyonce. I think we would have a lot to chat about. I like them both so much, and I love them as a couple. I like that they are both at the top of their game - and that they have a mutual respect and admiration for each other.

Tags: Game, Love, Respect

I'll always remember when I bumped into Good Morning America's Robin Roberts on a flight to my mother's funeral in 1994, and how kind she was during that difficult time.

Tags: Good, Morning, Time

I'm thinking when I meet the right person - and I do believe that I will - he's going to be younger. Not cougar territory, though. I won't go out with someone who could be my son!

Tags: Someone, Son, Thinking

My first memory of the Rolling Stones is listening to 'Satisfaction' at a sixth-grade slumber party at a friend's house in Ankara, Turkey, where my family was living at the time. In the middle of our sleepover, my friend's dad stopped the record when he heard the words 'girlie action!'

Tags: Dad, Family, Time

No show can be 'The Oprah Winfrey Show,' including 'The Gayle King Show.' I think she's very good but I think I'm very good too. I think we have different skill sets... but I don't think that I could do what she does and never have.

Tags: Good, She, Show

So people ask, 'But how can you work for a friend?' I say it's because I know that the magazine is called 'O.' The bottom line is somebody has to have the final word. Oprah's not right all the time, but her record is pretty damn good. That's not to say you can't disagree.

Tags: Good, Time, Work

Sometimes you have to listen to a CD over and over before you really get it, but as soon as I heard the first note of R&B artist Chrisette Michele's debut CD, I was blown away. Her voice is playful but pretty, light but strong - the woman's got soul.

Tags: Pretty, Strong, Woman

The first time I met Beyonce she was about 18 years old, sitting in a makeup chair eating fried chicken, and I knew it was only a matter of time before everyone would know her name.

Tags: Everyone, Old, Time

There's a science to ordering potatoes. Are they skinny shoestring or big, fat steak fries? You just have to let your taste buds guide you when deciding what to eat.

Tags: Big, Fat, Science

When I found out I was going to be on CBS every morning, my first phone call was to Jenny Craig. Ten days later, I'd lost nine pounds. Now I even take the plan's popcorn with me to the movies.

Tags: Lost, Morning, Movies

People respond faster to you on a text than an e-mail. Why is that? Why will they ignore an e-mail, but get back to a text?

Tags: Ignore, Respond, Why

All Oprah needs is a good book. My only request when she's building any house is, 'Could I please have a TV in my bedroom?'

Tags: Book, Good, She

And, I believe that one of the most loving things you can do is prepare a meal for someone you love. None of which I know how to do!

Tags: Love, Loving, Someone

I changed my name from Gail to Gayle in seventh grade because I liked to make a loopy 'y.'

Tags: Changed, Liked, Name

I grew up in an all-white community.

Tags: Community

I have to admit, if Oprah were a man, I would marry her.

Tags: Admit, Her, Marry

I know exercise is important, but I hate it!

Tags: Exercise, Hate

I know that Oprah and I mean a lot to each other... I know at all times I have somebody that I can count on always.

Tags: Mean, Somebody, Times

I love a man who loves his mama, which is one of the many reasons I'm crazy about Justin Timberlake.

Tags: Crazy, Love, Reasons

I majored in psychology, and I still love listening to people's problems.

Tags: Listening, Love, Problems

I only tweet if I discover something that's fantastic, or if I heard something really great.

Tags: Fantastic, Great, Heard

I wish I wasn't so technically challenged, because it puts you at a distinct disadvantage. I wish I could figure out a way to get more up to speed.

Tags: Figure, Speed, Wish
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I'll do almost anything for cake - even trample little children!

Tags: Almost, Cake, Children

I'm basically a really happy person. My life is nuts, but it feels complete.

Tags: Feels, Happy, Life

I'm the oldest of three girls. My sisters say I can be bossy.

Tags: Oldest, Sisters, Three

One of the best parts of working at 'O' is that people just love to send us stuff.

Tags: Best, Love, Working

People think that I don't work, and I fly around in Oprah's private plane doing whatever I want.

Tags: Private, Whatever, Work

We're all spending way too much of our time and energy trying to fight the stuff we can't change.

Tags: Change, Fight, Time

When I want to support a film starring actors I like, I purchase several tickets at the box office - even if I can't stay for the movie.

Tags: Film, Movie, Support

A good restaurant just makes me giddy. I can go all day with anticipation just knowing where I'm going to eat. Sometimes it's well planned, sometimes it's spontaneous. Either way works.

Tags: Good, Makes, Sometimes

Any film featuring Bradley Cooper's gorgeous blue eyes is automatically on my must-see list and they did not disappoint in 'The Words,' which is so intense and confusing that I was pretty lost by the end!

Tags: End, Lost, Words

Boots in January are always a good look, and some of the cutest ones I've seen lately were designed by Ivanka Trump, who knows a thing or two about style.

Tags: Good, Knows, Seen

How do I love Tim McGraw? Let me count the ways: I love that he's a country boy with a city sensibility. I love that he refuses to be pegged, and his duet with Nelly proves it. And I really love that he had the brains to marry Faith Hill.

Tags: Country, Faith, Love

I can't stop watching 'Pan Am.' When I was growing up, my father worked as an engineer in Turkey, and we always flew Pan Am. The stewardesses were so glamorous! When they gave me a set of those golden wings, I felt very grown-up. Not only is the show's plot full of mystery and infidelity, they get the period details just right.

Tags: Father, Infidelity, Show

I consider myself lucky that Sheila Johnson, the cofounder of Black Entertainment Television, didn't choose to rest on her very impressive business laurels. Her luscious 100 percent modal scarves, printed with photos she takes all over the world, are gorgeous. Wearing one is like being wrapped in a hug.

Tags: Black, Business, Her

Children laugh an average of three hundred or more times a day; adults laugh an average of five times a day, we have a lot of catching up to do.

Tags: Children, Laugh, Times
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