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Jim Nussle's Quotes

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Born: 1960-06-27
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Jim Nussle

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I am pleased with the direction we are moving in.

Tags: Direction, Moving, Pleased

I don't think anyone should pick a candidate for any office based solely on gender. That would be, I believe, a mistake.

Tags: Anyone, Mistake, Office

Near-term deficits are temporary and manageable if - and only if - we keep spending in check, the tax burden low and the economy growing.

Tags: Growing, Keep, Tax

The budget is tight, and that is exactly where we want it to be and where we need it to be.

Tags: Budget, Exactly, Tight

The reform of government needs to continue.

Tags: Continue, Government, Needs

This unchecked spending is growing faster than our economy, faster than inflation, and far beyond our means to sustain it.

Tags: Far, Growing, Means

Certainly accountability of government is what people are clamoring for; they want to know that when lawmakers make a promise or a proposal, you can actually accomplish it.

Tags: Actually, Government, Promise

There's a fine line in being too specific so you can't be too flexible, and being too vague in being specific and people not thinking it's meaningful.

Tags: Fine, Line, Thinking

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