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Joel Silver's Quotes

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Born: 1952-07-14
Profession: Producer
Nation: American
Biography of Joel Silver

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I really was very impressed with DMX during the whole experience on 'Romeo Must Die.' I like working with him. I liked him. And I was very impressed with the reaction of the audience when he was in the picture.

Tags: Die, Experience, Him

I will always continue to make stupid action films but I think 'V For Vendetta' is a very smart film and I think that people will feel differently about things when they see it.

Tags: Action, Smart, Stupid

I'm not looking to... I'd like to build my company and make a bigger company always, but I think in the behind the scenes arena is where I'd prefer to spend my time.

Tags: Company, Looking, Time

I've always wanted to make 'Swamp Thing.' I like 'Swamp Thing.' I think it's a good idea, and I thought it would be a good venue for a 3-D movie, but there were rights issues with 'Swamp Thing.'

Tags: Good, Thought, Wanted

It's just a great, legendary comic book hero and it's one that has never been kind of been brought back to life after Lynda Carter. I mean, it's a reinvention. When Tim Burton reinvented Batman after Adam West, and when Donner reinvented Superman after George Reeves, it's time to do that with Wonder Woman.

Tags: Great, Life, Time

My movies have always done pretty well in the UK - 'The Matrix' films did very well in this country and I do like the crews here and the people we're working with here.

Tags: Country, Done, Movies

Press conferences are good. I have my own philosophy about press conferences. I usually think that when they don't like the movie, they ask about other things.

Tags: Good, Movie, Philosophy

The action genre is kind of designed for a young male audience. But we found on 'The Matrix' that we hit the Valhalla of movie making, which is the four quadrant audience - the young male audience, the older male audience, the young female audience and the older female audience.

Tags: Action, Making, Young

The dubbing of the music and effects is really incredible today. You're feeling gun shots. I mean, it's not the way people say it is, but the gunshot sounds real. And cars sound real. Among the many things in the evolution (of movies) is to make the sound in the movie incredible. That's what you feel.

Tags: Movies, Music, Today

The idea of a youth-based society that you live in for a certain time and then you no longer live anymore is an interesting idea for a movie, but you need young people that people want to go see.

Tags: Society, Time, Young

The only problem is I can't get into PG-13 Land. I just get stuck in R rated movies, which they would love us to make PG-13 movies but I never get there. But I think that you've got to make them different. You've got to switch them up.

Tags: Love, Movies, Problem

We just decided to pick the date 'The Matrix' opened in most of the world. At the end of the day, it worked out really great because the world seems to have got to a place where I think the movie is even more relevant now than it was several months ago.

Tags: End, Great, Place

Well, I haven't really been able to shoot in California for a while. Little movies yeah, but the big movies we can't shoot there. It's just a shame that Arnold Schwarzenegger can't deliver on this level.

Tags: Able, Big, Movies

You know for years before the notion of sequels, actors were the franchise. John Wayne would rarely do sequels, but he kind of played the same guy with a different name in every movie. I have no problem with using actors as franchises. And that's what is fun to do.

Tags: Fun, Guy, Problem

Our responsibility as filmmakers is to make things that are fresh, unique and original.

Tags: Fresh, Original, Unique

There aren't a lot of guys like me left. But I'm a war horse. I've been through it all. And you know something about war horses? Through the sleet, through the snow, they just keep going.

Tags: Keep, Snow, War

A lot of movies were influenced by 'Logan's Run,' like 'Minority Report'. A lot of films have those elements in them.

Tags: Films, Movies, Run

I always had the ability to throw a frisbee pretty well. I don't why.

Tags: Ability, Pretty, Why

I did five movies in Australia, I did three films in Germany, this is the fourth film I've done here in the UK, I've done a bunch of films in Canada.

Tags: Done, Here, Movies

I swam a little bit in high school but I wasn't a jock.

Tags: Bit, High, School

I think once every person on the planet sees 'New Moon' and there's nobody left who hasn't see it, then I think they'll be able to go see 'Ninja.'

Tags: Able, Moon, Once

I want an explosion the size of Cleveland.

Tags: Cleveland, Explosion, Size

I'm a filmmaker and I'm proud of the movies I've made. But in the background of my life I was also very involved in the creation of the sport.

Tags: Life, Movies, Proud

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I'm a guy that wants the movie to work. So whatever it takes or whatever you got to do - I'm happy to do.

Tags: Happy, Whatever, Work

I'm happy with my place in the firmament here. I like to produce movies and that's where I want to be.

Tags: Happy, Movies, Place

I've made a lot of stupid action films in my life but I like stupid action films and am kind of proud of them.

Tags: Life, Proud, Stupid

I've made a lot of stupid action films. But when we made The Matrix, we saw that people wanted more than that.

Tags: Action, Stupid, Wanted

If the audience sees and feels things are real, then they buy it.

Tags: Audience, Feels, Real

It's financially advantageous to make a picture in Berlin, Germany. They have a very effective rebate system.

Tags: Effective, Picture, System

It's hard to shoot anything in L.A.; it's just a chore, but they're great here.

Tags: Great, Hard, Here

It's so hard and impossible to shoot in L.A. The costs are astronomical.

Tags: Costs, Hard, Impossible

The core of the movie business remains intact and it's not descending in scope. Studios want movies that are bigger than ever.

Tags: Business, Movie, Movies

The reality is that each movie has got to be seen in its own light.

Tags: Light, Movie, Reality

We found in 'The Matrix' that people were willing to accept something more. It was a smarter film.

Tags: Accept, Film, Found

When California provides the same value as other locations, I'd gladly shoot all my pictures here.

Tags: Here, Pictures, Value

When I read 'Watchmen,' it changed my view of so many things. It was the first time I'd read a graphic novel really like that.

Tags: Read, Time, View

You need the right people to kind of help make these things real.

Tags: Help, Real

I did my acting performance in 'Roger Rabbit.' I think I did a voice-over also in 'Osmosis Jones' and I directed an episode of my show years ago, 'Tales from the Crypt' and that's my endeavors in the non-producer oriented ranks.

Tags: Acting, Rabbit, Show

I never really was that passionate about playing sports. But when I was at this Mt. Herman school, I did have the ability to throw the frisbee. So when this sport evolved, it was fun because I was good at it.

Tags: Good, School, Sports