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Reba McEntire's Quotes

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Born: 1955-03-28
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Reba McEntire

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I have learned a lot about myself and come to deal with a lot of things that, at first, bothered me.

Tags: Bothered, Deal, Learned

I have the attention span of a 2-year-old. I like to jump from project-to-project.

Tags: Attention, Jump, Span

I just love motherhood.

Tags: Love, Motherhood

I love to sing with different people.

Tags: Love, Sing

I love to wear boots - and shoes, I don't like at all.

Tags: Love, Shoes, Wear

I think they want to keep it separate, but I've never been a crossover artist for some reason.

Tags: Artist, Keep, Reason

I was one of the very first people to ever do a video in country music.

Tags: Country, Music, Video

I've got CDs in my car, listening all the time for that next song, because everybody's looking.

Tags: Car, Song, Time

I've never turned my back on country music.

Tags: Country, Music, Turned

It's funny how many people will come to Vegas to see your show where they might not come out to see you unless you come to their hometown.

Tags: Funny, Might, Show

To me, there's two types of songs, good and bad. And I just like to stick with the good ones.

Tags: Bad, Good, Songs

You don't waste your entire life waiting to go back to dust.

Tags: Life, Waiting, Waste

You know, I get a lot of people pitching songs to me.

Tags: Pitching, Songs

For no. 1, it's great writing, super writing. The second thing is that it's great chemistry with all the actors. We just all got along from the very start. Very get-go, we all got along. We just - it was just like we were all meant to be there together.

Tags: Great, Together, Writing

I have talked to Debbie Hammond quite a bit, Jim Hammond's wife, his widow. I've seen their kids. And last time we played Dallas, a lot of them came over. It's hard for them to come see the show. It's still hard.

Tags: Hard, Time, Wife

And so we were asleep there in San Diego. And our pilot called us. And his brother was on one of the other planes. And when he was leaving the airport, he saw in his rear view mirror that there was an explosion.

Tags: Brother, Leaving, Mirror

And the two planes that were taking the band and crew that we had taken out to San Diego were flying out after the show. And so I was never supposed to be on that plane.

Tags: After, Band, Show

At this time when I turn 50, because so there's many of my friends and family who didn't get to see 50-years-old, and so, I'm celebrating for them too.

Tags: Family, Friends, Time

But I like to listen to demos. I like to hear the finished product. It's like listening to a song - I mean, a story. If you're going to sit here and tell me a story, I just like to listen. I don't want to make them up.

Tags: Here, Mean, Tell

I was singing a lot of waltzes. And I was with Jerry Kennedy, my producer, and he was playing me some songs, and he said, hey, I want to play you this song that I'm going to get Jackie Ward to record.

Tags: Playing, Said, Song

My family, you know, are all still, you know, very close. We're all still very close. Mom and Daddy are still alive. So, what more can you ask for? Your kids are healthy.

Tags: Family, Kids, Mom

So, I think it has to do with the product and what you take to the public. If they like it, they're going to come see you, and if they don't, and if you're kind of getting out of the trendy line of things, then they won't come see you.

Tags: Getting, Public, Won

So, we come out to Los Angeles. And we met with every network. We met with show runners, directors, writers, everything. And what we had an idea for, they didn't like. And what they had an idea for, we didn't like. So, we went home.

Tags: Home, Idea, Show
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The biggest challenge in my life is getting all these kids raised. I've helped with nieces, stepchildren and my own son, so the biggest challenge is making sure the kids are raised and finding enough quality time with them.

Tags: Enough, Life, Time

The upside to anger? Getting it out of your system. You got to express your anger. Then you have room for more positive things. If I hold something in a long time, and then I speak it, it's amazing how the light shines so much brighter.

Tags: Anger, Positive, Time

When onstage, I always try to take my audience through as many emotions as I possibly can. I want them to go from laughter to tears, be shocked and surprised and walk out the door with a renewed sense of themselves - and maybe a smile.

Tags: Laughter, Smile, Try

For me, singing sad songs often has a way of healing a situation. It gets the hurt out in the open into the light, out of the darkness.

Tags: Hurt, Music, Sad

To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone.

Tags: Funny, Life, Succeed

It's very important to surround yourself with people you can learn from.

Tags: Learn, Surround, Yourself

Easter is very important to me, it's a second chance.

Tags: Chance, Second

Finding a good bus driver can be as important as finding a good musician.

Tags: Finding, Good, Musician

Everything I've done in my career is a result of growing up in rural Oklahoma, because if I hadn't had the training from Mama and Daddy to work hard, to do what I'm told, to take directions, to mind and to do a good job at anything I set out to do, then I wouldn't be where I am today.

Tags: Good, Today, Work

Being a strong woman is very important to me. But doing it all on my own is not.

Tags: Strong, Woman

When you're a very ambitious person, the things that are disappointing are when other people around you aren't as enthusiastic.

Tags: Ambitious

I think it's the way I talk. I think they thought I was too country. And I'm not ashamed of that by any means.

Tags: Country, Talk, Thought

Be different, stand out, and work your butt off.

Tags: Off, Stand, Work

I think it's a wonderful time for a woman.

Tags: Time, Woman, Wonderful

My goals have changed throughout my life. At one time it was winning awards, selling out concert dates, selling more albums than anyone else. Now, my goals are to see my grandchildren grown, live a long and healthy life with my family and friends and travel the world.

Tags: Family, Life, Time

To me, being popular means I've got more friends. You've got to watch who your friends are, if you want to get close to them, but I've got a lot of acquaintances. And then, you've got to be real careful who your friends are, because you never know why they're your friend.

Tags: Friend, Friends, Real

Growing up is not being so dead-set on making everybody happy.

Tags: Everybody, Happy, Making

I don't think quantity time is as special as quality time with your family.

Tags: Family, Special, Time

I totally love to act. I don't care if it's a musical, a comedy. I just like to work and interact with other people.

Tags: Care, Love, Work

I use all my skills that I can muster up, but the fun thing is that I find some untapped skills every once in a while. I get that from my daddy.

Tags: Fun, Once, While

So, I took lessons, and I love to shoot now. It's a lot of fun.

Tags: Fun, Love, Took

Waiting makes me restless. When I'm ready, I'm ready.

Tags: Makes, Ready, Waiting

Never have doubted it, even when the plane crash happened. I wasn't mad at God. I just knew that there was a reason that I didn't know about why it happened.

Tags: God, Reason, Why

And I was mischievous. I was always into something. So when I got good attention from the singing, I knew that was probably where I needed to land.

Tags: Attention, Good, Knew

Besides, I'm a gypsy at heart and I like to travel around.

Tags: Gypsy, Heart, Travel

Fame is a mind - a way of thinking about things. It's all in your mind.

Tags: Fame, Mind, Thinking

I always wanted to be an actress. I always wanted to be a movie star.

Tags: Movie, Star, Wanted

I had lots of breaks.

Tags: Breaks, Lots

The lessons learned as we try to build ever more sophisticated nanomachines will almost certainly inform our understanding of the origins of life.

Tags: Learned, Life, Try

It's amazing that something only an atom thick can be an impenetrable barrier. You can have gas on one side and vacuum or liquid on the other, and with a wall only one atom thick, nothing would go through it.

Tags: Amazing, Side, Wall
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