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Ambitious Quotes

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As he was valiant, I honour him. But as he was ambitious, I slew him.

Tags: Him, Honour  ✍ Author: William Shakespeare

The very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream.

Tags: Dream, Shadow  ✍ Author: William Shakespeare

I suppose that I am ambitious.

Tags: Suppose  ✍ Author: Antonio Banderas

I'm not really very ambitious.

 ✍ Author: James D\'arcy

I've always been ambitious to be very good at what I do.

Tags: Good  ✍ Author: Glenda Jackson

I would absolutely characterize myself as ambitious.

Tags: Absolutely  ✍ Author: Kim Kardashian

Ambitious failure, magnificent failure, is a very good thing.

Tags: Failure, Good  ✍ Author: Guy Kawasaki

I don't think I'm very ambitious at all. But I seem to play people who have that quality.

Tags: Quality, Seem  ✍ Author: Catherine Keener

Man is by nature competitive, combative, ambitious, jealous, envious, and vengeful.

Tags: Jealous, Nature  ✍ Author: Arthur Keith

To be honest, I was never very ambitious. And I still am not.

Tags: Honest  ✍ Author: Christopher Walken

Never before have humans been so ambitious, have they thought that they could be much more than their parents were.

Tags: Parents, Thought  ✍ Author: Theodore Zeldin

I wasn't very ambitious as a child. I'm still not.

Tags: Child  ✍ Author: Fiona Apple

I'm deeply ambitious and I always have been.

Tags: Deeply  ✍ Author: Hayley Atwell

I'm a very driven, ambitious, positive person. But I'm a spiritual person as well.

Tags: Positive, Spiritual  ✍ Author: Victoria Beckham

New York is a city where people are ambitious. They want things.

Tags: City, York  ✍ Author: Candace Bushnell

It's hard to be ambitious if you're content, isn't it?

Tags: Content, Hard  ✍ Author: Tucker Carlson

I'm ambitious. But if I weren't as talented as I am ambitious, I would be a gross monstrosity.

Tags: Talented, Weren  ✍ Author: Madonna Ciccone

I'm tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want.

Tags: Exactly, Tough  ✍ Author: Madonna Ciccone

I have never been an ambitious person, and my participation in this industry is a fluke, but only male writers can afford to be coy and self-deprecating.

Tags: Industry, Writers  ✍ Author: Diablo Cody

The companies we admire are like the people we admire: resilient, authentic, personable, collaborative, ambitious, and humble.

Tags: Admire, Humble  ✍ Author: Roscoe Conkling

I'm ambitious in the sense that I raise the bar high for myself.

Tags: High, Sense  ✍ Author: Darren Criss

I'm the most ambitious person you ever met.

Tags: Met  ✍ Author: Vin Diesel
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I'm really ambitious.

 ✍ Author: Jourdan Dunn

I'm not an overly ambitious person; I don't feel like I have to excel.

Tags: Excel, Overly  ✍ Author: Chris Evert

I was fiercely independent and ambitious from a very young age.

Tags: Age, Young  ✍ Author: Sadie Frost

For the most ambitious young people, the corporate ladder is obsolete.

Tags: Corporate, Young  ✍ Author: Martha Graham

I've never been ambitious.

 ✍ Author: Mireille Guiliano

Many are ambitious of saying grand things, that is, of being grandiloquent.

Tags: Grand, Saying  ✍ Author: Augustus Hare

I'm belligerent rather than ambitious.

Tags: Rather  ✍ Author: Ian Hart

Anybody can be ambitious.

Tags: Anybody  ✍ Author: Charles Evans Hughes

The Scottish government set a goal of increasing exports by 50% by 2017. That is ambitious. Is it achievable?

Tags: Goal, Government  ✍ Author: Tom Hunter

I'm very ambitious, despite all the challenges I face in the streets.

Tags: Challenges, Face  ✍ Author: Dana Hussein

I never saw myself as being ambitious, I saw myself as being in love with the profession. I'm a people person. I love to get to know different kinds of people.

Tags: Kinds, Love  ✍ Author: Florence Kelley

I was really overwhelmed by the amount of roles that I got offered that were carbon copies of what I did in 'Up in the Air.' I got every offer for every ambitious, unfeeling practically robotic character.

Tags: Air, Character  ✍ Author: Anna Kendrick

When you're a very ambitious person, the things that are disappointing are when other people around you aren't as enthusiastic.

 ✍ Author: Reba McEntire

Most of the people I write about have been ambitious outlanders who have been attracted to New York from other parts of the world.

Tags: Write, York  ✍ Author: Jay McInerney

I almost never have a plan for myself... I'm not ambitious in that way.

Tags: Almost, Plan  ✍ Author: Martha Plimpton

I've always been a really ambitious person.

 ✍ Author: Christina Ricci

'Pleasantville' seems tonally ambitious, but it can handle a wide breadth of tone because it's so fanciful.

Tags: Handle, Seems  ✍ Author: Gary Ross

I'm still fiercely ambitious.

Tags: Fiercely  ✍ Author: Alexei Sayle

I'm not a first-place person.

 ✍ Author: Amy Sedaris

Those who are believed to be most abject and humble are usually most ambitious and envious.

Tags: Humble, Jealousy  ✍ Author: Baruch Spinoza

I've never been ambitious about recording.

Tags: Recording  ✍ Author: Harry Dean Stanton

I'm enthusiastic and ambitious, and I work hard.

Tags: Hard, Work  ✍ Author: Jason Statham

I'm not that ambitious any more. I just like my privacy. I wish I really wasn't talked about at all.

Tags: Privacy, Wish  ✍ Author: Barbra Streisand

When ambitious desires arise in thy heart, recall the days of extremity thou has passed through.

Tags: Days, Heart  ✍ Author: Ieyasu Tokugawa

You think of stars as ambitious or aggressive or self-oriented.

Tags: Aggressive, Stars  ✍ Author: John Turturro

I think sometimes we in the industry have to do ambitious projects.

Tags: Industry, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Harvey Weinstein

I'm ambitious and I'm determined and I know where I'm going to be. It's not where I want to be, but where I'm going to be.

Tags: Determined  ✍ Author: Ricky Whittle

I am overly ambitious, because I realize it can be done.

Tags: Done, Realize  ✍ Author: Pharrell Williams

I'm not very ambitious at all.

 ✍ Author: Amy Winehouse

A first novel should be brash and ambitious, and announce the arrival of a new talent.

Tags: Novel, Talent  ✍ Author: Stuart Woods

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