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Robert Stack's Quotes

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Born: 1919-01-13
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Robert Stack

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They have a book of locations, and we would do a story about the Sahara Desert for instance, and in the California book you would find a comparable location, to match that location in California.

Tags: Book, Match, Story

Thru the auspices of the viewers who become - I think this is an import - in a democracy, become a working unit with law enforcement against the criminals.

Tags: Democracy, Law, Working

We did a show called The Orphan Train, during the depression, when families didn't have enough money to support their children, they'd put them on the train and hope someone would pick them up who had enough money to support their children.

Tags: Children, Hope, Money

Yes, and many times it's frustrating, because I'm simply part of the show, and I'm not in the creative end of it, who goes out with detectives and tries to find these things out.

Tags: Creative, End, Show

A great chef is an artist that I truly respect.

Tags: Artist, Great, Respect

I am very pro law enforcement.

Tags: Law, Pro

I find these shows very touching sometimes.

Tags: Shows, Sometimes, Touching

I never put my arms around John Gotti, Al Capone or Lucky Luciano.

Tags: Arms, Lucky, Put

I'm working 2 days a week right now, narration usually on Wed., and host on camera on Friday.

Tags: Days, Friday, Working

I don't mind UFO's and ghost stories, it's just that I tend to give value to the storyteller rather than to the story itself.

Tags: Give, Mind, Rather

I grew up in France, my first language was French, and I tend to gravitate towards French cooking.

Tags: Cooking, France, Language

I grew up years ago doing something that unfortunately doesn't hardly exist any more, a medium called Radio.

Tags: Exist, Hardly, Radio

I play bad golf for good charities like the LA Police.

Tags: Bad, Golf, Good

I think voiceover is an adjunct that actors have picked up that have given us some security.

Tags: Picked, Security, Voiceover

I'm very proud this show has been accepted for this length of time.

Tags: Proud, Show, Time

If you don't love it, you can't suffer thru all the despair that comes with it. Keep doing it because you love it.

Tags: Despair, Keep, Love

In terms of segments, I think we've done 1,200.

Tags: Done, Segments, Terms

Lucille was a darling lady. Probably the finest comedienne in the business.

Tags: Business, Finest, Lady

Our profession is very much like going to a cocktail party, you check out the guest list.

Tags: List, Party, Profession

Someone once accused me of being like Eliot Ness. I sad no sir, I'm not E.N., but I can promise you that I'm not Al Capone!

Tags: Once, Sad, Someone

These are icons to be treasured.

Tags: Icons, Treasured

Whether it s the country or city, I never liked the bad guy.

Tags: Bad, Country, Whether

You have to love the doing of what you're doing and not wait for the phone to ring.

Tags: Love, Phone, Wait
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Also the pictures themselves give a visual to the audience tuning in, that makes them a very important part of law enforcement, or pulling families together.

Tags: Give, Law, Together

I learned early on, having known the most handsome, successful, Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, Robert Taylor, don't ever spend too much time looking in the mirror.

Tags: Learned, Successful, Time

In the Belgian air force a general supposedly saw a UFO, tracked it with his plane, photographed it with his wing cameras. And I believe it because I said to myself why would this person, not getting paid for this, do it unless it actually happened or he thought it happened.

Tags: Said, Thought, Why

It's a word called symbiotic, you send the messages and it comes back in return. Together, it's a wonderful thing, it's why television is so great and film can never reach.

Tags: Great, Together, Why

Now on the other hand, if someone is selling a product, opening a dance studio, or has some other aim to help themselves, then I tend to look askance at some of these strange stories from outer space.

Tags: Help, Someone, Strange

That's why I never took this business too seriously, thinking I was something special, when I knew the truly great performers in motion pictures. pictures.

Tags: Business, Great, Thinking
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