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Friday Quotes

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I'm a very ritualistic, routine-oriented person, and I discovered over the years that I love working Monday through Friday.

Tags: Love, Working  ✍ Author: Edie Falco

Pakistan now is like a horror film franchise. You know, it's 'Friday the 13th, Episode 63: The Terrorist from Pakistan.' And each time we hear of Pakistan it's in that context.

Tags: Film, Time  ✍ Author: Philip Gilbert Hamerton

Friday night is our date night. We really carve out time for each other.

Tags: Night, Time  ✍ Author: Karen Kain

The shows I've been working on, especially 'Parenthood' and 'Friday Night Lights,' I think are completely character-driven stories. I think, for most writers, that's a privilege to be telling those kinds of stories. It's erroneous to me.

Tags: Night, Working  ✍ Author: Jason Katimis

I've taught fifth-year Christmas leavers last thing on a Friday afternoon. Basically, if you can face that you can face anything.

Tags: Last  ✍ Author: Johann Lamont

You know, I was a regular on the Friday afternoon drill squad. Um, which... The year after I left school, I went back and thanked the sergeant major because I was so fit.

Tags: After, School  ✍ Author: John Newcombe

If it comes back, I think that Friday night is not a good night to be on.

Tags: Good, Night  ✍ Author: Amber Tamblyn

Well, I get my subject on Wednesday night; I think it out carefully on Thursday, and make my rough sketch; on Friday morning I begin, and stick to it all day, with my nose well down on the block.

Tags: Morning, Night  ✍ Author: John Tenniel

On Friday I was in Washington for a meeting with Administration officials. In the course of that meeting, they requested that I 'step aside' as CEO of GM, and so I have.

Tags: Meeting, Step  ✍ Author: Rick Wagoner

Doing a sitcom is like doing a play - you rehearse for three or four days, and then you shoot what you rehearsed on Friday night in front of an audience. An hour-long drama is like shooting a movie. You're shooting 13-14 hour days. The endurance itself is different.

Tags: Days, Night  ✍ Author: James Belushi

'Friday' is about hanging out with friends, having fun. I felt like it was my personality in that song.

Tags: Friends, Fun  ✍ Author: Rebecca Black

My wife and I have a tradition of popcorn and videos with our kids on Friday evenings.

Tags: Kids, Wife  ✍ Author: Franz Boas

I play tennis five hours a week, from Monday to Friday, for one hour every day. I like to be fit. If I can't exercise, I feel bad - I need to sweat and run to feel like I'm in good shape.

Tags: Bad, Good  ✍ Author: Bjorn Borg

My weekends start at about 4 P.M. on Friday afternoon, when I let go of work and leave my colleagues to crawl through the rest of the day in our New York offices.

Tags: Start, Work  ✍ Author: Bobbi Brown

I'd literally rather hang out at the T.G.I. Friday's in New Jersey than tool around at a place that sells $40 cheeseburgers.

Tags: Place, Rather  ✍ Author: Patrick Carney

Some had the custom of receiving the Eucharist daily, some twice a week, some on the Lord's day, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, some only on the Lord's Day.

Tags: Daily, Lord  ✍ Author: Anton Chekhov

If you must have motivation, think of your paycheck on Friday.

Tags: Motivation, Paycheck  ✍ Author: Noel Coward

Wednesday a junior came to me, and told me I was to be hazed as I left the Opera House Friday night.

Tags: Left, Night  ✍ Author: Rebecca Harding Davis

If you see me on Friday, you'll see different material on Saturday night.

Tags: Night, Saturday  ✍ Author: Kathy Griffin

'FlashForward' was on the outs when I was approached with 'Happy Endings.' I literally got the script on a Friday, and on Saturday morning I met with David Caspe, Jamie Tarses, and the Russo brothers. I took the role on that Saturday, and on Monday I was doing a table read. It all happened very fast, but it was super exciting.

Tags: Happy, Morning  ✍ Author: Zachary Knighton

I'm glad that my films have been consistently faring well rather than one stray Friday!

Tags: Films, Rather  ✍ Author: Akshay Kumar

I, myself, don't like to see a film on Friday night and then forget it by the next day.

Tags: Forget, Night  ✍ Author: Jennifer Jason Leigh

Every Friday I used to have about fifty, sixty kids who would wait for me on Sunset Boulevard and I'd take them all to dinner. All runaways.

Tags: Kids, Wait  ✍ Author: Al Lewis

Now on Friday nights, if I want to go hang out with friends, I go hang out with friends. If I want to stay in and be in the hot tub and have people over to watch movies, I do that.

Tags: Friends, Movies  ✍ Author: Demi Lovato

Under the Obama administration, TSA has been operating without an administrator for a year and a half. After the president's first two choices failed to meet expectations, a new administrator, John Pistole, was finally approved on Friday. Unfortunately, it will be the fifth administrator in eight years.

Tags: After, Year  ✍ Author: John Mica
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I hadn't worked for a year when I had my Prison Break audition and it was the easiest audition I've ever had. I got the script on Friday, went to the audition on Monday and got the part on Tuesday. I was shooting the pilot a week later. I didn't have time to be nervous - it happened so quickly.

Tags: Time, Year  ✍ Author: Wentworth Miller

Composers today get a TV script on Friday and have to record on Tuesday. It's just dreadful to impose on gifted talent and expect decent music under these conditions.

Tags: Music, Today  ✍ Author: Alex North

Andy Paley got us a show opening for his band at an outdoor show at Simmon's College, on a Friday.

Tags: College, Show  ✍ Author: Jonathan Richman

My aunt had a season ticket for the Friday afternoon concerts, and I would go down for lessons. My lessons were Saturday morning.

Tags: Morning, Saturday  ✍ Author: Robert Ripley

Now a movie goes out to two, three thousand theaters and by Friday night at 10 o'clock they know if you are in or out. That desperate competition is, I think, horrendous. It's awful.

Tags: Night, Three  ✍ Author: Mark Rydell

I'm working 2 days a week right now, narration usually on Wed., and host on camera on Friday.

Tags: Days, Working  ✍ Author: Robert Stack

I don't like this young crudeness now which is supposed to be comedy on Friday nights.

Tags: Comedy, Young  ✍ Author: Alan Sugar

We left Dayton, September 23, and arrived at our camp at Kill Devil Hill on Friday, the 25th.

Tags: Devil, Left  ✍ Author: Orville Wright
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