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Tom Carper's Quotes

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Born: 1947-01-23
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Tom Carper

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In my home state of Delaware, we've done our homework and worked hard and, as a result, we've made great strides in cleaning up our own air pollution. Unfortunately, a number of the upwind states to the west of us have not made the same commitment to reducing harmful pollution by investing in cleaner air.

Tags: Great, Hard, Home

Like many dads I know, I've long been motivated in all aspects of my life by my love for my children - and my desire to make the world better a better place for them, my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren.

Tags: Children, Life, Love

Over the years, I've had a lot of different jobs - newspaper boy, dish washer, naval flight officer, Amtrak board member, Governor and chairman of the National Governors Association - just to name a few. But my most cherished job - and frankly my most important job for that matter - is being a father.

Tags: Father, Job, Matter

Unbeknownst to a lot of us, our children actually listen to just about everything we say and, even more so, watch everything we do. They notice the choices we make and the company we keep.

Tags: Actually, Children, Keep

I'm just generally hugely frustrated, I'm a very, very frustrated man. I'm just a ball of pent-up frustration.

Tags: Ball, Frustrated, Generally

A lot of comedians, when they have a bad gig, will blame everything but themselves. They'll blame the crowd, or the room was wrong, it had a weird vibe, or the promoter promoted a weird atmosphere.

Tags: Bad, Blame, Wrong

I didn't really want to be a comedian.

Tags: Comedian

I hate Shakespeare. I think Shakespeare's rubbish.

Tags: Hate, Rubbish

I haven't really got much get up and go. I can't believe I'm on the telly. I'm so lazy.

Tags: Lazy

I like old people falling over, that's what makes me laugh.

Tags: Laugh, Makes, Old

I still get excited about meeting celebrities, because I don't think I'm a celebrity myself.

Tags: Celebrity, Excited, Meeting

I think over there in Montreal they're a bit hardcore with the old homos. They're not that keen on them.

Tags: Bit, Hardcore, Old

I was quite pleased that Prince Philip didn't say anything like, I hate queers! He was quite well behaved.

Tags: Hate, Prince, Quite

I'd love to do acting, but it'd definitely have to be comedy. I can't do serious. It's completely beyond me.

Tags: Acting, Love, Serious

I've met Nicole Kidman, Elton John, loads of people.

Tags: John, Loads, Nicole

It's Charley's Aunt and The Odd Couple rolled into one.

Tags: Aunt, Couple, Odd

I was at college doing performing arts, and just spending all my time mucking about, and the lecturers thought I would be pretty good at stand-up, so I gave it a whirl.

Tags: Good, Thought, Time

I went to Montreal. My first gig went very badly. They just weren't laughing at anything. I found out they were a load of Christians, and it was a gig to raise money for a new church roof.

Tags: Church, Found, Money

If you go on stage with the wrong attitude, or something in your performance is off, you can lose an audience in the first minute. That first minute is crucial.

Tags: Attitude, Lose, Wrong

We had our first meeting yesterday, and we just laughed all the way through, so if we can bottle that, then I'll be happy. We just get on, and that's half the battle.

Tags: Battle, Half, Happy

You should never meet your heroes. Paul Newman... I was so excited about meeting him, but he turned up in shell suit bottoms, slippers, and a jumper. He was just so worn out and old, he wanted to go home.

Tags: Him, Home, Old
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