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Alex Kingston's Quotes

Alex Kingston profile photo

Born: 1963-03-11
Profession: Actress
Nation: English
Biography of Alex Kingston

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Californians don't have that marvelous British cynicism, but then the British can be so patronizing at times.

Tags: British, Cynicism, Times

Even when I was at school, I wanted to be liked by everyone, even the bullies. I didn't like them, but I needed to know that they liked me.

Tags: Everyone, School, Wanted

Having been in Hollywood as a shadow, as someone who is almost invisible, I can see fame for what it is.

Tags: Almost, Fame, Someone

I've never been a size zero, let me say that here and now. I've never been that sort of person.

Tags: Here, Size, Zero

If you are the one who is dumped, then you feel like your life is over.

Tags: Dumped, Life

In England, 'Doctor Who' has always been considered a children's show, at least by children.

Tags: Children, Doctor, Show

The truth is, I'm not a coper. I hate stress. I might appear calm externally but internally it's all going on.

Tags: Hate, Stress, Truth

Children's programming in America, I think it's pretty shoddy in terms of lack of diversity. It's pretty much cartoons and Disney sort of shows. I don't find any of that stimulating for children.

Tags: America, Children, Pretty

I don't think my looks are modern. I always imagined I'd end up doing Chekhov, Ibsen and Shakespeare all my life and never play a contemporary character.

Tags: Character, End, Life

I love playing strong feisty women, I really do, but if you were to ask my husband he'd probably say that I'm very insecure. And actually incredibly malleable, which isn't necessarily a good thing.

Tags: Good, Love, Women

I think a lot of actors need validation. If you see truly amazing actors perform, they expose themselves to such an incredible degree. You can really see their pain.

Tags: Amazing, Pain, Themselves

I think if you live in London, it's such a cosmopolitan city; nobody even notices different-race relationships. I assumed it would be even more liberal in the States, and it's totally the opposite.

Tags: City, Liberal, Nobody

One of my sisters is physically and mentally handicapped. She took a lot of my parents' attention, so I grew up in my own world, playing in my room for hours and hours.

Tags: Attention, Parents, She
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