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Alex Winter's Quotes

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Born: 1965-07-17
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Alex Winter

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The thing is there have been American movies that are similar to Solaris, like Alien had a lot of things that are similar, although it's also got the horror element.

Tags: American, Horror, Movies

The trick of making movies in this culture is how to not give up everything that makes them worthwhile in order to get them made - and that's a tricky balance.

Tags: Give, Makes, Movies

With Fever, the film was so made for the screen, and there's so much surround sound that was done for the film - enormous detail paid to that. I wasn't thinking video, because I didn't know how it was going to turn out.

Tags: Done, Film, Thinking

Hitchcock had to fight to the death to make his movies.

Tags: Death, Fight, Movies

I really love sort of classical cinema where people were telling stories with very little dialogue, and people were using the camera in a really interesting way.

Tags: Camera, Love, Stories

But it is funny, because I saw Unbreakable recently and it's a strange movie, I didn't mind it, and it's got some interesting things going on.

Tags: Funny, Mind, Strange

Certain remakes are great. Carpenter's The Thing is better than the original.

Tags: Carpenter, Great, Original

Coppola has problems getting financing, so why should I not have problems getting financing.

Tags: Getting, Problems, Why

I actually did use to sell shoes.

Tags: Actually, Sell, Shoes

I direct a lot of TV commercials and music videos.

Tags: Direct, Music, Tv

I get very driven by certain themes and ideas.

Tags: Driven, Ideas, Themes

I just like movies that somehow expose the world in a way that's different than you imagine it.

Tags: Expose, Imagine, Movies

I take a lot from everywhere. I take from music, architecture, novels, and plays. Anywhere that hits you.

Tags: Anywhere, Hits, Music

I think filmmakers want their movies to be seen.

Tags: Filmmakers, Movies, Seen

I think movies are good for getting into dream states or exploring weird alternate states of thinking.

Tags: Good, Movies, Thinking

I'm not trying to be some kind of underground renegade.

Tags: Trying

I'm one of the few people who really like Eyes Wide Shut.

Tags: Eyes, Few, Shut

I'm really influenced by so many different things.

Tags: Influenced

It's hard for a hit to be bad for your career.

Tags: Bad, Career, Hard

My favorite favorites are people like Bunuel, Fellini and Charlie Chaplin.

Tags: Chaplin, Favorite, Favorites
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Same thing, like my commercials are often times really funny because I tend to find 30 seconds is a really good amount of time to tell a joke.

Tags: Funny, Good, Time

They're innocent movies, and they're fun movies and there were no pretensions about 'em.

Tags: Fun, Innocent, Movies

After living in LA for 8 years, I sort of wanted a change, but there's not much production in New York, which is where I primarily live, so I just sort of drifted over to London.

Tags: After, Change, Living

I'm not saying it isn't frustrating that my films haven't gotten a bigger release, but I'm really happy with them and if you just keep cranking and eventually, if you have a certain sensibility, some of your movies will hit and some just won't.

Tags: Happy, Movies, Saying

Like I said about Freaked, people tend to find these films, and I think that in the end the cool thing about a movie is that it can be sort of burnt temporarily, but then it's burnt into the fabric of your culture.

Tags: Cool, End, Said

That's kind of the weird thing that M. Night Shyamalan has sort of unleashed upon the world is this need for every movie to have these ridiculous endings.

Tags: Movie, Night, Weird

The film, even when we were making it in that budget range, which was really a coup - we got it made because we pitched it to the studio head, Joe Roth.

Tags: Film, Head, Making

The thing about movies these days is that the commerce end of it is so inflated and financiers are just expecting this enormous return on their investment.

Tags: Days, End, Movies