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John Glover's Profile

Brief about John Glover: By info that we know John Glover was born at 1944-08-07. And also John Glover is American Actor.

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I guess that's a flaw in my career, that I like to work too much.

Tags: Career, Guess, Work

I think we all have madness in us, it's just that I've realized mine and found a way to let it out.

Tags: Found, Madness, Mine

I want to keep - this seems so corny - I want to keep growing as an artist.

Tags: Artist, Growing, Keep

I was terrified of being a teacher. To stand in front of a classroom, the responsibility is boggling. Imagine! Standing in front of people!

Tags: Imagine, Stand, Teacher

I wonder why I keep playing such intelligent people?

Tags: Keep, Playing, Why

Luck has had a great deal to do with my career.

Tags: Career, Great, Luck

Putting your hands in the earth is very grounding, if you'll excuse the pun.

Tags: Earth, Excuse, Hands

Welding torches, cutting torches and any activity producing a flame outside is prohibited. Any open flame is discouraged.

Tags: Activity, Open, Outside

An artist can go paint, and a writer can go write, but an actor needs to get hired, needs somebody to say, 'Here, come and do this,' That's the hard part.

Tags: Hard, Here, Write

Brimstone was great. That was another occasion when they called me in to do the pilot and it turned into a regular job, which made me quite happy. It was another really good experience and we were all so surprised when they pulled the plug on it.

Tags: Experience, Good, Great

I graduated from high school in '62 and I didn't know any people who were gay. I'm sure there were people, but I didn't know any. For years and years, I guess, I was very uptight about being a gay actor. I thought it would make me less hirable.

Tags: Gay, School, Thought

In open range fires it is about picking a spot and hoping it is the right location. At the head of the fire you have to worry about wind and humidity and a number of other factors.

Tags: Fire, Wind, Worry

It is difficult to determine the cause of grass fires. There is usually nothing left behind when we get there, like a cigarette or a gas can, for us to determine what started it.

Tags: Difficult, Left, Started

There are parts of me that I keep secret even from myself. I have demons and I'd love to be able to healthily look at the demons and still be a wonderful actor and not feel I need them to create.

Tags: Keep, Love, Wonderful

There's more depth to Lionel. What I am finding so interesting about playing him is there's all these different layers. I prefer playing Lionel because he's a human being.

Tags: Him, Human, Playing

When I first arrived in Los Angeles I became a little bogged down in the whole success thing. Now I'm at a place in my life and career where I just want to work. It's what I do and it makes me very happy.

Tags: Life, Success, Work

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