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Retief Goosen's Profile

Brief about Retief Goosen: By info that we know Retief Goosen was born at 1969-02-03. And also Retief Goosen is South African Athlete.

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Golf is flexibility, and I notice more guys injured. You can overdo this conditioning.

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Golf is growing, and there are more good young players, but you don't see them going abroad. It's so expensive to travel.

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I do like match play. I like trying to match an opponent shot for shot. It's a challenge. And it's something different.

Tags: Challenge, Shot, Trying

I hang around under the radar. Nobody is bothering me for interviews.

Tags: Interviews, Nobody, Radar

I mean, to win a major, you've got to be a good player and you've got to get your breaks, as well, to win.

Tags: Good, Mean, Win

I played a lot of other sports at school and just one day the golf bug bit me and I started playing serious golf from when I was ten years old.

Tags: Old, School, Sports

I remember winning the first time, you know, suddenly everybody expects, well, okay, now he should win every time he tees it up, win six tournaments.

Tags: Time, Win, Winning

I'm a good listener.

Tags: Good, Listener

I'm not that clued up on the American sports yet, really.

Tags: American, Sports

I've always been kind of a shy guy. Not very outgoing. I might not start a conversation, but if somebody else does, I'll chat away.

Tags: Away, Else, Start

I've got an L3 bulging disk and degenerating disk. It's bulging in two places. Yeah, it's not good.

Tags: Good, Places, Yeah

Just about every player on tour has a bad back. It's just one of those games that does mess you up a little bit. You've got to keep looking after it.

Tags: After, Bad, Keep

Majors are important but so is every other tournament I play.

Tags: Majors, Tournament

Pretty much whoever wins the tournament at the end of the week is the guy that putted probably the best.

Tags: Best, End, Pretty

There are a number of golfers who are playing great golf in their 40s.

Tags: Golf, Great, Playing

Traveling around, it's difficult to follow much TV. Mainly I'm somebody who watches sports.

Tags: Difficult, Somebody, Sports

You can't really measure your game. You can shoot seven under and lose and you can shoot even and win.

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You could play well and still lose.

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You know, one day you make putts and the next day you don't.

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I turned pro and won Rookie of the Year on the South African Tour and then it took me two tries at the qualifying school on the European Tour and to get my card and the rest is history.

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