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Roger McGough's Profile

Brief about Roger McGough: By info that we know Roger McGough was born at 1937-11-09. And also Roger McGough is British Poet.

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If I decide to be indecisive, that's my decision.

Tags: Decide, Decision, Indecisive

I was put off by people at school - my cabbage wasn't as good as other people's, you know, so that put me off.

Tags: Good, Put, School

I wish the word whimsical wasn't used now.

Tags: Used, Wish, Word

I'm terrified of switching the computer on because there are so many poems.

Tags: Computer, Poems, Terrified

People can put their best poems straight onto the web.

Tags: Best, Put, Straight

We shouldn't have got married, really. Shouldn't have got married. Too young. Not ready for it.

Tags: Married, Ready, Young

Whereas with poetry no one has to show anybody really, and you don't have to tell anyone you're doing it.

Tags: Poetry, Show, Tell

You will put on a dress of guilt and shoes with broken high ideals.

Tags: Broken, High, Put

If I do a poetry reading I want people to walk out and say they feel better for having been there - not because you've done a comedy performance but because you're talking about your father dying or having young children, things that touch your soul.

Tags: Children, Father, Poetry

Yes, you can feel very alone as a poet and you sometimes think, is it worth it? Is it worth carrying on? But because there were other poets, you became part of a scene. Even though they were very different writers, it made it easier because you were together.

Tags: Alone, Sometimes, Together

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